WWE NXT Results: Rookies on the rise


On Tuesday’s WWE NXT, CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society associates persuaded Rookie Darren Young to become a part of their group. The Pro pointed out that Young’s win last week came with the Society’s support, and that he should be more open to new ideas, because with a little help and guidance, Straight Edge can make anyone a winner.

8 Comments on “WWE NXT Results: Rookies on the rise”

  1. i can lead a horse to water but i can’t make him drink the water. I dunno why this made me laugh.

  2. It was rather philosophical regarding the horses.lol What now? Will they shave Darren Young’s hair? He looks cute. He looks a bit like as if he spent too much time in the discotheques dancing to the old tunes from Donna Summer and Barry White. 😛

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