670 The Score Interview With CM Punk

WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on 670 The Score in Chicago on Friday and talked about a number of topics, including this thoughts on the state of the industry, every wrestling crowd being different, whether he’s had his best match yet and filming a commercial for the snack “Combos.” The full interview can be heard here. Here are some highlights of what Punk said about:

Being WWE Champion: “Well, to me it means you’re carrying the company, you’re putting asses in seats, your kind of toeing the line, and you’re a leader.”

Having More Freedom As A Heel: “I think I’m more comfortable as a heel, for sure. I think it’s across the board. Take comic books for instance. All the bad guys, they don’t have rules they have to abide by. I think good guys anywhere in the world have a set of rules, maybe a code they have to follow. I think when you’re a bad guy that all goes out the window and you get to have a little bit more fun.”

Backstage Reaction To His Pipe Bomb Promo: “I’d never been that one hundred percent universally accepted in my life. It was all smiles and high fives when I went back there.”

His Controversial Comment About Jon Jones’s Nike Deal: “I have nothing against Jon Jones. You gotta love Twitter, don’t you?”

If He Wanted To Be A Role Model: “No, no because it’s too easy to screw up. I’m constantly saying that if kids can get anything positive out of me and my image, that’s awesome. But I make mistakes and I do stupid stuff all the time too. So I’m not actively trying to portray myself as a role model. I’m definitely not telling kids, ‘Do what I do, make sure you follow me.’ There’s no one right way in my opinion. Kids need to find out who they are and they can follow their own path.”

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  1. I really liked this article. As for the “role model” thing. I think when people are ‘role models’ to kids, they should be allowed to make mistakes. I think kids who know this when the admiration begins, they (kids) don’t freak out when they (kids) make mistakes. I know if CM Punk ever became a “big brother” to a kid, that kid would not only be lucky, he would grow up strong willed, polite and literate. You can’t really ask for much more than that. Maybe someday Punk will see this comment and maybe look at himself just a bit better. Because as a human being, I think he has a very good control over his life. If you don’t believe it, buy his DVD. He is letting people see him, past and present. Mistakes and Triumphs. Honesty, whether he plays good or bad, still seems to be his mantra. Thanks DJ for allowing us to make comments.

  2. Once again, mad cool answers to questions that could easily go the wrong way. He owns up to doing stupid stuff sometimes and that is always admirable in my opinion; stae you do stupid stuff up front and no one should be shocked when it happens. I’m a little tired of people bringing up his “pipe bomb” thing, it seems, every interview after that situation, though it tickled me. Also, so “good guys” are cool, Batman, James Bond, and I ran out of examples, so maybe punk is right lol

  3. I wrote a comment the size of Red Dawn’s, but my computer spazed. So I’ll just say a shortened version…mad cool. Punk’s answers are classy again. James Bond, and Batman are the only examples I can think of for “good guy” with still fun/cool style within guide lines.

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