AJ Talks About CM Punk

Skip to 3:03 to see AJ talk about CM Punk. There’s also a photoshoot with AJ in her CM Punk outfit on WWE.com.

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  1. Segment A. Dear John, Punk’s is bigger.
    B. Dolph, Punk doesn’t need a manager to get good matches.
    He carved his own path, Get the picture?
    C. AJ…That’s one crazy ball of wax. Punk, beware of what
    lurks behind you. Kudos if that’s what you like.
    D. Miz…I suggest you decide on who’s side you think is
    better, Perhaps watch Punk and Learn…
    That is all.
    Thanks DJ

  2. i dont like what aj doing to punk thats so Disgusting i dont like her In a definite reason behind it is seeking back punk !

  3. aj is very mad i dont like her In a definite reason behind it is seeking back punk !

  4. You all are just jealous, she is adorable..already dressed a little punk and I think they would be TOTALLY cute together. He would definately treat her a million times better than Daniel Bryan!!

  5. Lynsey W….JEALOUS?….hardly! Punk would never fall for a girl that acts like a 12-year-old. I THINK he is a little more intelligent

  6. Lynsey W: I agree with you. Mr Punk seems always to be a gentleman with most women. (A.J. included). I think CM Punk makes his own path. What we say about A.J. or anything, Mr. Punk will approach this situation his own way. (without influence). I just enjoy his way of entertaining, pipe bombs and all.

  7. i think aj and punk are cute together aj is cute you like it or not they should be a couple.

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