April 2 Raw Results


After challenging the authority of new Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis at the start of the night, Punk was forced to defend his title against the formidable Mark Henry. In a dominant show of force, Henry took it to Punk as soon as the match began, and Punk found himself just trying to preserve his title for most of the bout. Each time Punk appeared to gain the upper hand, Henry would come right back.

In a promising display of offense, Punk delivered a series of blows and a kick to the head, then launched himself from the top rope onto Henry. But the risky move appeared to take its toll on Punk, who was then tossed from the ring and counted out of the contest. But Henry wasn’t done yet. With Punk down, Henry blasted him with a World’s Strongest Slam to the arena floor, leaving him writhing in pain.

After the brutality, Laurinaitis emerged to inform Punk that the WWE Universe wants to see him defend his title more often. “I see some dark clouds in your horizon,” he warned.

Adding insult to injury, Chris Jericho came to ringside to recall his WrestleMania Match with Punk. With The Straightedge Superstar still writhing in pain on the arena floor, Jericho hoisted a bottle of booze and proposed a toast. But instead of sharing a drink, Jericho poured the bottle’s contents all over the fallen champion. Next –while verbally assaulting Punk’s family – he warned him about drinking and proceeded to smash the glass bottle over his head!

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  1. I am a little bit worried about your conditions. I hope you are ok. I think you still will have hard times with Laurinaitis… It’s a few days that you are not tweeting.. And this is strange because you usually tweet a lot. And I love when you post all your tweets!

  2. I agree with BestF80. I hope we fans can hear an update about your condition soon. You were out for a few minutes on that hard floor. With the pain inflicted on your back and the bottle blast, you should have been taken for X-rays. You have fans that care. So please take care and heal. You will have a lot of work to do in the WWE when you go back.
    And don’t change who you are because of Laryngystis’ threats. He is a tool. My bet…he’s the monkey’s wrench!
    Take Care Mr. Punk. Take the time you need to recover fully. Your fans will still be here.

  3. I’ve got problems with this whole Jericho thing, that person is really off the planet. He should not be involving Punk’s family in his vendetta against him, they are not famous and to drag up this alcoholism every time is plain wrong. Yes it can run in families but its not why Punk doesn’t drink. I felt sick when that alcohol was smashed into him, that’s insulting a persons beliefs and if it had been to do about religion a whole load of people would have been complaining.

    As for Punk not tweeting, well the fact that there is no news is good news, the guy deserves a break and taking one whilst he can, healing those wounds, spending time with the sisters he clearly adores, firing up himself for the next contest and of course the trip to the UK which is upcoming and which I am very excited about. If he doesn’t make it because of the injuries inflicted by Jericho then that person better watch out because this little lady is gunning for him big time and I won’t be afraid to tell him what I think of him given half a chance.

    As for Mr Laryngitis…..there’s no fool like an old fool, or maybe that should be an old tool……..

  4. My jaw dropped when i saw jericho smash that bottle over his head. First of all that was a Jack Daniels bottle those bottles are thick. Lets just hope it didnt cause horrible injuries. Love you man and get well soon!!

  5. I am happy to see there are so many people loving thr Man CM Punk, not only the wrestler CM Punk. You should know there are many people taking care of you, please give us a sign. I didn’t like Jericho before, I do not like him after last Monday Night Raw. Punk, we are waiting for you on the European tour!

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