April 23 Raw Results


WWE Champion CM Punk received a liquor basket from Chris Jericho
CM Punk probably didn’t even have to open Chris Jericho’s gift to know what was inside. After receiving a basket full of liquor from his rival, The Straight Edge Superstar said he has a present for Jericho, too – the one he’s going to personally deliver in a Chicago Street Fight at Extreme Rules

Alex Riley told Chris Jericho that he saw CM Punk drinking liquor in the locker room
Alex Riley claimed to have seen CM Punk drinking out of one of the liquor bottles that Jericho gave the WWE Champion. Unconvinced, Jericho took a peek inside the locker room to see for himself and spotted Punk sipping out of a plastic cup while one of the liquor bottles appeared to be sitting half-empty nearby.

Chris Jericho told GM John Laurinaitis to strip CM Punk of the WWE Title
Chris Jericho pleaded with GM John Laurinaitis to strip CM Punk of his WWE Championship because he saw him drinking alcohol in the locker room. After Laurinaitis expressed some doubt that he has the power to do that, his new Executive Administrator, Eve, said Laurinaitis actually does have the right to strip him of the title if in fact Punk violated WWE policy, which states WWE Talent is not allowed to drink alcohol within 12 hours of a WWE Live Event. Laurinaitis agreed to set up a sobriety test to find out if there is credible proof that Punk drank alcohol in the locker room and violated the policy.

CM Punk passed a public field sobriety test, attacked Chris Jericho
With Teddy Long and Chris Jericho looking on, CM Punk took a public field sobriety test administered by two Detroit police officers. First, Punk was asked to recite the alphabet backwards but failed to do so, as the WWE Champion claimed that nobody knows how to do that even when they’re sober. Next, Punk was asked to walk a straight line in the ring, but failed to do that successfully as well. After the officers ruled that Punk failed the sobriety test, Long requested that Punk hand over his WWE Championship.

However, The Straight Edge Superstar was granted one more chance by Long to pass the public sobriety test, and proceeded to walk a straight line across the ring several times while reciting the alphabet backwards at the same time. Right after he reached “A” in the alphabet, the WWE Champion surprised Jericho with an attack that sprawled quickly to the arena floor.

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  1. I remember reading CM Punks twitter about a minute after he got back to his dressing room. “Well, that was fun!” I agree. I thought that was great. Kudos to you, CM Punk, for that very exclusive theatrical display. I think Teddy liked it as well. LOL… I appreciate the always high level of entertainment you provide. Thank you. Keep up the good work! Sophia Dawn

  2. i really belive cm punk he is not drink and he does all thing in this past monday night raw it was just acting and he done very good drunk act he is straight edge a lifetime and i am always proud of him

  3. I like cm punk because he always go out there and give a 100% so it really doesn’t matter if he is a straight edge or not. Plus he has worked so hard to keep his title, he would never put at risk like that.

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