April 9th Raw Results

Before the match, CM Punk defended his straight-edge lifestyle in an emotional address to the WWE Universe. Punk admitted that he felt violated by Chris Jericho’s disturbing act of drenching him with alcohol and smashing the bottle over his head on last week’s Raw. Before Punk could speak any further, though, Jericho interrupted on the TitanTron and mocked The Straight Edge Superstar for getting so emotional over experiencing his first “bender.” Punk fired back, saying Jericho can’t break him, and that he would only bring out the more dangerous side of the WWE Champion.

Punk’s match against Mark Henry was short-lived, as Punk grabbed a TV monitor and attacked The World’s Strongest Man, resulting in a victory for Henry via disqualification. Henry then exacted his revenge with a World’s Strongest Slam and Jericho seized the opportunity to ambush The Straight Edge Superstar by surprise – with six-packs of beer in hand. (PHOTOS)

Jericho broke open can after can of beer, and despite The Straight Edge Champion’s best efforts to stop him, Punk was soaked with the alcohol. All the while, Jericho continued to taunt Punk, urging him to “have some more,” before drilling him with a Codebreaker as he posed with the WWE Championship.

On next week’s Raw SuperShow, Punk will once again put his title on the line against Mark Henry. But this time, it will be in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match.