Audio: 98.5 The Sports Hub – Toucher & Rich Interview

Listen to the interview at this link. Punk comes in at about 20:00. Thanks to Amanda!

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  1. this is my favourite of all the interviews, and that’s because I almost fell off my chair when Punk mentioned my favourite band (my fav band to the point of obsession). Another reason I love this guy. I love his straight edge approach and I think he’s just brilliant all round, so he speaks his mind and it gets him into trouble but someone has to. Brilliant stuff, so glad I could access it on here 🙂 Here’s hoping Punk does some media in the UK, esp London so I can try and follow him about a bit, provided I know in advance where he is..

  2. OMG!!!:D CM PUNK!!!!!!! You’re TOO Amaziing(; i bet ur not even gnna read this, but just know ur my idol. There isnt ONE day i go without tlking about you! But Punk, i bet u love all of the love ur gettin from the crowd & ppl r starting to “be ur #1 fan!” ..but i HATE it !!! Bcus, i was always ur number one fan. Punk, wen u were bald ~ and nobody liked u, do u kno who did? ME. I LOVE U PUNK!! Im a bit… my friends/family tell me o_O…lol Punk, i made a TWITTER just for u!!!! I had a birthday cake of U!!! i have EARRINGS of u! a necklace, AND A BILLION POSTERS<3 But, it makes me so sad bcus ur my biggest idol & i kno ur never gnna read this , and im never gnna meet u :'( <\3

    LOVE YOU FRICKIN MUCH PUNK!!! (: ___Sandra(:

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