AUDIO: CM Punk & 77-year-old Dotterer meet on radio show

Former WWE champion C.M. Punk and 77-year-old Thomas Dotterer – the liquor store robbery victim who was shot in the eye but said the worst thing that happened to him all week was Punk losing to The Rock at the Royal Rumble – met up Thursday on The Abe Kanan Show on SiriusXM (Howard 101) satellite radio.

The set-up was Dotterer talking about the robbery, which occurred in Syracuse, N.Y., and returning to work after being released from the hospital. The hosts then surprised Dotterer when Punk called into the show to talk in-person.

Dotterer noted he’s a long-time wrestling fan going back to the 1940s when he watched Gorgeous George with his father. He then noted he follows Ring of Honor and TNA Wrestling, and especially appreciates Punk’s career rising to the top of WWE. Dotterer said Punk’s hard work and dedication to his craft is what contributed to why he was upset when Rock was scripted to beat Punk at the Rumble.

After talking to Dotterer over the air, Punk offered Dotterer to be his special guest when WWE travels to Syracuse for a house show on March 3.