August 1 Raw Results


In his first days as WWE’s Chief Operating Officer, Triple H was faced with one of the most complex problems in the company’s storied history — who is the real WWE Champion? Is it CM Punk — the Superstar who beat John Cena for the title at WWE Money in the Bank before leaving the company, only to return a week later with the championship in hand? Or is it Cena — the man who defeated Rey Mysterio for the WWE Title on the same night the masked Superstar won a tournament for the supposedly vacant championship? After considering both cases for some time, The Game finally hit upon a vital fact — the most important choices aren’t made in a boardroom, they’re decided in the ring.

Triple H and a re-signed CM Punk exchanged heated words (WATCH: PART 1 | PART 2 | PHOTOS)
Following last week’s scandalous return to WWE, the always contentious CM Punk kicked off tonight’s Raw by inciting more controversy. Stating that he re-signed with WWE because he wanted to bring about change, The Straight Edge Superstar proclaimed himself the one and only WWE Champion, which drew out WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H. Taking issue with the arrogant Superstar’s words, The Game said he re-signed Punk because it was good for business even though he personally found him smug and overrated. As tensions mounted between the two, Triple H made it clear that both Punk and John Cena are legitimate champions to which the overconfident Punk shot back that there can only be one title holder. The Game did not debate this point and promised to rectify the situation tonight.

Triple H resolved the WWE Championship situation (WATCH | PHOTOS)
For the first time in WWE history, there are two legitimate WWE Champions, but which man is the real title holder? That was the question Triple H tangled with tonight as John Cena and CM Punk pressed the COO for a decision.

It was a tough judgment for The Game, but before he could reveal his solution, he was interrupted by WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis. A longtime associate of Mr. McMahon, the executive made his feelings on the matter clear — strip John Cena of the title.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Laurinaitis’ words brought an irate John Cena forth. Verbally berating the executive, The Champ claimed Laurinaitis wanted him stripped of the title, because Cena laid him out at WWE Money in the Bank. Cena then threatened to harm Mr. Laurinaitis again, leading the VP to leave the ring as fast as his feet could carry him.

Now alone with Cena, Triple H informed The Champ that he would not strip him of the WWE Championship. Hearing that, CM Punk immediately hit the ring, prepared to state his case to the COO.

As the two champions began to argue, The Game laid it out like this — at SummerSlam, John Cena and CM Punk will meet in the first ever WWE Champion vs. WWE Champion Match. The Superstar that walks away victorious will be the Undisputed WWE Champion. End of story.

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  1. Ya sabia yo, desde el primer momento que le vi, que Cm punk llegaria a lo mas alto, despues de casi 4 años sin ver la lucha la volvi a ver, y me alegra saber que Tenia razon y que CM punk llegara a ser uno de los mejores luchadores.

  2. I think he should give the title to Punk as Cena has had
    too many reigns as WWE Champion


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