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CM Punk interrupted Kevin Nash (WATCH)
Triple H calls himself “The Game,” and according to his longtime friend Kevin Nash, he’s been playing some games as well. Big Daddy Cool revealed that  at SummerSlam, he received a text from Triple H’s phone that instructed him – on no uncertain terms – to take out whoever won the Undisputed WWE Championship Match.

As the competitor to simultaneously become the Undisputed Champion and make himself the latest victim of “Big Sexy’s” dreaded Jackknife Powerbomb, Punk had reason to speak up following Nash’s revelation, accusing the veteran grappler of being a liar and placing blame for the incident on his massive shoulders. The two former WWE Champions laid into one another with a succession of cutting remarks, but it was Punk would get the last word when he vowed to obtain the truth about Nash’s SummerSlam involvement from the WWE COO himself.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 16, 2011