August 15th Raw Results


CM Punk interrupted Kevin Nash (WATCH)
Triple H calls himself “The Game,” and according to his longtime friend Kevin Nash, he’s been playing some games as well. Big Daddy Cool revealed that  at SummerSlam, he received a text from Triple H’s phone that instructed him – on no uncertain terms – to take out whoever won the Undisputed WWE Championship Match.

As the competitor to simultaneously become the Undisputed Champion and make himself the latest victim of “Big Sexy’s” dreaded Jackknife Powerbomb, Punk had reason to speak up following Nash’s revelation, accusing the veteran grappler of being a liar and placing blame for the incident on his massive shoulders. The two former WWE Champions laid into one another with a succession of cutting remarks, but it was Punk would get the last word when he vowed to obtain the truth about Nash’s SummerSlam involvement from the WWE COO himself.

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  1. Was a good RAW… loved the Punk/Nash clash LOL… was an ol’ school smart-mouth verbal, good stuff 🙂

    Im still wanting more Punk v Cena… but perhaps that’s already over… awesome work from both Cena and ofcourse the all-conquering CM Punk 😉 Congrats gents

    … was an fucking joy watching the last four weeks, man you can be proud of what youve achieved over the last month or so, it was truly great… (and congrats to the WWE for giving it a big swing 😉 ) was awesome to watch… Im in awe man. Said I wouldnt overstay my welcome, so Im keeping my word… left a few comments over @ Bleachers… some dude there said everything Ive been saying for a long time, only he said it better haha, so no point carrying on… all the best man…

  2. hey Cmpunk-u r da best!! I am ur #1 fan. no lie dude! least ur #1 girl fan! Punk-u r the best wrestler ever! B4 the crowd liked u n chizz…i still loved u 4 u. You never Changed..u were always same old amazing Cmpunk. I am always tlking bout you. I know u have MILLIONS of fans (including me of course!) I just wish u cud email thts been my dream since…since forever! And from YOU not from like ur manager or sumthin …from YOU. But i no ur soo buzii wit ur life n wrestlin but thts been my meet u i KNOW thts never gonna happen :'( And it makes me soooo sad :”( and idk if ur even gonna read this URSELF.. :””( Well punk..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I SWEAR IM LIKE UR #1 FAN. ASK ANYONE I KNOW! there isnt day where i dnt think bout u or go on Punk,u inspire me! YOU ARE MY LIFE! im always in a fight with my friend on who’s better “Punk or Cena” like seriously? everyone knows its u! 😀 just so u no..i love you…dnt forget tht this girl-me-loves u. 🙂

  3. Just to let everyone know CM Punk has been Nominated for an Australian Kids Choice Award – Baddest Baddie. Which is an interesting catagory considering everyone here loves him 😛

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