August 29 Raw Results


Triple H announced the Raw SuperShow; arranged CM Punk vs. Kevin Nash at Night of Champions (WATCH)
Friendship can be a lot of work, especially if you’re friends with Kevin Nash. After making a major announcement that moving forward the Superstars of both Raw and SmackDown will appear on Monday Night Raw, WWE COO Triple H demanded that his longtime pal offer him an apology in front of the WWE Universe for lying to him last week. The former WWE Champion emerged and admitted that, yes, he had his driver tell Mr. John Laurinitais he’d been in a car accident to get Triple H out of the arena. He did so, he said, in order to payback CM Punk for embarrassing him earlier in the night. Although Nash confessed to the deception, he continued to maintain that he did not know who had sent him a text message instructing him to attack Punk two weeks earlier.

For his part, The Second City Saint wasn’t biting. Instead, he accused The Game and Nash of being in cahoots. Despite their fervent differences, however, Punk and Nash did agree on one thing. Both were exceedingly in favor of the WWE COO arranging a match between them at Night of Champions. After giving the proposal some thought, Triple H agreed and arranged for the two to face off in three weeks.

CM Punk def. The Miz by Disqualification (WATCH)
The downside of speaking your mind is that you make a lot of enemies. CM Punk learned that the hard way when he battled The Miz. The blunt Superstar admirably kept pace with his opponent until R-Truth tipped the scales. Miz’s co-conspiracy theorist attacked The Second City Saint in an effort to make a statement and allowing Punk the win by disqualification. As if that weren’t enough abuse, Kevin Nash joined the party and rendered his tormentor motionless with a powerbomb in the center of the ring.

Triple H informed CM Punk he will face him at Night of Champions (WATCH)
If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. WWE COO Triple H informed CM Punk at the end of the night that he had spoken with WWE’s Board of Directors – CM Punk’s match against Kevin Nash at Night of Champions had been canceled. Instead, Punk will be facing a different opponent, Triple H himself!

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  1. Cm Punk you`re not better than anyone on WWE roster today you`re ridiculus inthe ring on the mic too you`re nothing then a loudmouth talking crpa guy claim best in the world keep disrespecting the new COO Triple your contract will br terminatibg on the spot so stop talking and do something to claim you`re the best in the wolrd today,CHUMP…….

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