August 8th Raw Results


With only six days to go before WWE Champion John Cena faces WWE Champion CM Punk for the Undisputed WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Triple H made it clear that there will be only one titleholder at the end of the night. The lengths WWE’s new COO went to tonight in order to guarantee a fair outcome shocked the entire WWE Universe.

Triple H announced a special guest referee for the SummerSlam main event (WATCH | PHOTOS)
With only six days to go before one of the most important nights in WWE history, Triple H dropped another bomb on the WWE Universe — the Undisputed WWE Championship Match between WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk will have a special guest referee.

Believing that a bout of this magnitude is too important to risk outside interference or underhanded maneuvers, WWE’s Chief Operating Officer revealed that he’s enlisted the help of the one man he knows who can get the job done right — himself.

As if that wasn’t enough to stir up the WWE Universe, Triple H then announced that Cena and Punk will sign their SummerSlam contract tonight.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Irate, but unsurprised by Triple H’s announcement earlier in the evening, CM Punk stated that the COO would be wise to stay out of his way at SummerSlam. But, for now, The Straight Edge Superstar was focused on an immediate challenge — Alberto Del Rio.

Following Cena’s victory over Swagger, Punk knew he had to come up big in his match against The Mexican Aristocrat. After all, how would it look if the controversial competitor was beaten mere days before the biggest bout of his career? Rising to the occasion, Punk was vicious against the Money in the Bank winner, picking Del Rio apart with blistering strikes before putting him to bed with the Go To Sleep. If Cena sent Punk a message before, “the voice of the voiceless” responded here.

WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Champion CM Punk signed the contract for their Undisputed WWE Title Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
The WWE Universe expected a tense confrontation in this contract signing and that’s exactly what they got. Mediated by Triple H and WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, the summit started off ugly when CM Punk showed a video of The Rock bashing John Cena on Facebook. Tearing The Champ’s catchphrases and clothing to shreds, The Great One made a hilarious mockery of the powerful Superstar.

It was a damning monologue, but one Cena took in stride. After all, The Champ realized some people may have a problem with him, but he’s always been more concerned with the fans that are in his corner. Since 2002, the WWE Champion has been a proud and hardworking Superstar who gives every bit of his energy to positively representing the company. And while Cena was busting his hump, Punk was off complaining that he didn’t get fair treatment.

It was a strong argument that Triple H respected, but The Second City Saint was quick to strike back. Accusing The Champ of being a failed bodybuilder who settled for a career as a sports-entertainer, Punk claimed that he worked harder to get to where he is than Cena ever could. On Sunday, The Straight Edge Superstar would prove this by beating his rival in the center of the ring.

Undeterred, Cena made it clear that if Punk fails on Sunday he’ll be nothing more than a one hit wonder. With tensions now at a boil, both Superstars agreed that the talking had gone on long enough and stood face-to-face. But when Punk took a swing at The Champ, he connected with Mr. Laurinaitis instead. It was a melee from there with Punk and Cena brawling in the ring while the COO attempted to pull them apart.

When The Game finally got some order, the tattooed titleholder stood on the outside of the ring looking in at Triple H and The Champ. In that unique moment, there were two WWE Champions. Come Sunday, there will be only one.

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  1. …dont worry I wont wear out my welcome, but just wanted to say that the last 20 minutes of this RAW was truly riveting… WOW! 😀 The Rock’s facebook faceplant was a thing of beauty… and CM Punk’s stuff all around it was beauty with gravity… talk about a man on fire whew!!! How good is CM Punk… finally the people are getting it, are getting him… not heel not face… just CM Punk… how much better is it when the crowd is naturally worked… doesnt get better than that. Also great match between Punk and Del Rios… technically perfect.

    One thing… when Cena said all the pressure was on Punk going into Summerslam, all I can say is that I 100% disagree… there is no pressure on Punk, no man could push it any harder or create more natural tension than what Punk gifted the WWE and the crowd throughout that last 20 minutes of this show and in the weeks prior… the only pressure is upon the WWE and management to start making correct decisions relevant to 2011…. and reward talent instead of hyped names (what the people want!). The WWE has an opportunity here…

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