“Backstage Fallout” Raw – July 30, 2012

5 Comments on ““Backstage Fallout” Raw – July 30, 2012”

  1. I don’t think cm punk has to ALWAYS explain himself EVERYYTIME. It’s getting old. Have you ever heard that saying, ”if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all”. Like I keep saying over and over again I support cm punk 100% in wat he does. HE’S THE BEST IN THE WORLD!

  2. Cm Punk will do what he wants. I do not think he needs to yell, that people should respect him. If you are truly the best in the world, then actions are your only method of needed communication. If anyone wants to test you, to see how “best” you are, let them step up and get knocked down.

  3. If yelling @ the new gm is the ONLY way to get the attention he deserves then so be it. Because appearently that seems to be the ONLY thing working for him. Aj lee’s announcement for cm punk vs. the big show.vs john cena @ summerslam I blieve was a slap in the face towards cm punk. they just had to get their dirty noses involved. Cm punk has a right to act how ever he wants! HE’S THE BEST IN THE WORLD! 🙂

  4. Cm punk is the best in wateva he does.Rock comes after 4 or 6 months nd steals the spotlight. But the old days are gone now. Cm punk is the best in the world nd i wl support him even in his ‘heel turn’

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