October 26th, 2010



Jesse Pozgay
I would just like to say that you are my favorite wrestler ever. Even though a lot of people boo you (including the rest of my family), I am one of those guys who draw Xs on their hands and put on their CM Punk shirt every Friday night. Even though I can't watch Raw on TV since I don't have cable, I am starting to watch Raw online just because you had to switch over. I am 17 years old, and a lot of my friends like to drink and smoke, and you have inspired me to become Straightedge. Although I am not that into the whole Straightedge scene, I still stay true to not using alcohol, drugs, non-prescription drugs, and caffeine. I just do not understand why people can waste their life, time, and money on such crap when there is so much more that people can do otherwise. I have seen you twice live at the past two Summerslams, and I got so excited when your theme song came on and saw you come out, although I was so disappointed that I didn't see you at the Summerslam Axxess in 2009 and you weren't even attending the Axxess in 2010; I really wanted to meet you and get your autograph. Oh well, some other time. Well, since you are probably getting a lot of birthday wishes, I'll wrap it up. Even though the WWE has not been smart by keeping you out of the limelight for the past few months, I feel that your move to Raw will propel you to become a main event again, and my countless months of "worship" and being mocked by others will pay off. Have a good one Phillip, you deserve it. Keep inspiring. And oh yeah, try to become a face soon, even though you are a pretty damn good heel.


Brian Mohler
I just wanted to wish you (C.M. Punk) a happy birthday, and I wanted to share with you an art project that I'm doing for one of my classes that I am doing of you. It's not finished, I have to add yellow to the background, but I wouldn't be able to finish it in time to send it to you for your birthday, so I thought I'd send an image of how far I've gotten on it. Again, I hope you have a great birthday, hopefully the WWE will give you ample time to celebrate it. Keep spreading the Straight Edge message.


Michael Patton II
Happy Birthday CM PUNK! Thank you for being one of the greatest wrestlers of our time. Whether you wanted the wrestling universe to cheer or boo you. You fans were always behind ya. It our ways of saying thank you for being the best wrestler out their today. Especially with promoting the straight edge way of life. You really are a god sent with promoting it. It so... ...so reassuring. I'm 31 year old fan who never drank and never done drugs. Who's entire extended family just loves to drink and I went through my own Hell in a Cell a year ago with my now estrange brother. Who rob my of $3000 worth of stuff just to feed his drug habit. Where now some of my closest friends are deciding to become social drinking scene. Which makes it hard to keep saying no. But just knowing that theirs someone out their who's in harder position to say no to those vices. Who can rise above the pressure, say no, and turn into his strength. Thank you so much for being that symbol of strength. So when its your birthday the 26th. Please enjoy it because great man like you deserve great birthday So happy birthday and hope to see ya next time WWE shows up in Cleveland even if its just crowd doing the fan support thing.


Charlotte Bowe, 17

... to wish you happy birthday, which is equally cool and problematic since it's awesome that we got the chance to but no one really knows what to say...

So I wanted to make it more of a gift and say thank you! I stopped watching WWE at the end of the attitude era and YOUR wrestling is what brought me back. The work that you clearly put in to every show is great and I was lucky enough to see Smackdown a year ago in Sheffield, UK. I had a sign too but since I was sitting in literally the furthest conceivable seat away from the ring I doubt you or anyone saw it :) Got better seats for the UK tour in a few weeks but you've bloody gone to Raw! Gutted! I must say you put a whole new spin on NXT and made a new friend out of Cole, which is beautiful.

So here is my terrible 'thank you' to you (see attatchment)! I sadly tried to get it printed in WWE Magazine but because I'm English, I'm not allowed to enter incase they have to ship out John Cena's new DVD to me :)

Cheers, you are quite excellent.


*Sinsation* / Chrissy
Happy Birthday Mr Punk !!! Hope you have a Birthday full of Magic and Bikes <3


Cara Oliver
Happy Birthday Punk! I hope that you have a wonderful birthday and get to celebrate it with your family and friends- you deserve it. You're my favorite WWE Superstar and I had the pleasure of meeting you last year in our hometown(it was an appearance you made at the Men's Fitness Challenge.) I just wanted to thank you for making it a special day that I will never forget. Again, Happy Birthday Punk.



I wish you a very happy birthday with many more to come. I also wish you much health and happiness. Please take care of yourself in the ring and out of the ring. Thank you so much for what you do. Never doubt that it brings joy to many. Peace, love, and good happiness stuff!

P.S. I ate this Smuckers chocolate chip Snack'n Waffle for you. Tha candles? Four stars...just for you!


Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and to say thank you. Thank you for entertaining us in the ring, being amazing at practically everything you do, caring so much for us fans, and bringing Straight Edge into the WWE. You have been my favorite ever since I first watched you wrestle and I will keep supporting you. Take care, have fun on your birthday, and keep being badass!


Carla Nugent
Just wanted to wish my favorite superstar CM Punk a very, very Happy Birthday :) October is a good month for birthdays I just had my 30th on the 14th. I hope all your birthday wishes come true and you get everything you want :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hope to meet you one day when you come to Canada again :)


Michael Schmitten
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Punk, Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu !

Thank you for another wonderful Year of your life that you dedicated to Wrestling. I was so enjoying it to see you have this great matches, great Promos and your own stable. This was another year in that you so much enriched my Wrestling Experience. Some weeks I used to watch Smackdown! only because I know Punk will show up and will throw on a awesome Promo and always great matches.

I'm a very big fan of yours and the whole Straight Edge thing, since the beginning in IWA and so on. I traveled to Wrestlemania 26 (from Germany) & shouted against a whole block of Rey Fans with my girlfriend. It doesn't matter if there is a whole crowd of 60000 guys who are booing you, I always give the best to chant against the whole arena . I think you play your role so awesome. It doesn't matter to me, if you´re heel or face, I simply love your style and your gimmick talks your soul. Just skipped to some CM Punk Tribute Videos on Youtube and there I found a video with a very very good song in the background. The Song is named Savior from Skillet. I think this song would perfectly apply as your next Entrance Theme in the future. Just a suggestion, maybe you like it too ;) Ok I know this is getting I little long, but that were some things I always wanted to tell you ;)

I wish you all the best for the next year/the future, much healthiness, some more wonderful Matches & Promos and much more World Title Wins! Maybe Money in the Bank next Year ;) Stay true to your Straight Edge Lifestyle, it's a blast to see someone in Wrestling Business, that is true to himself and not a Part of that Poison Society that we all know.

Much Greeting from Germany.


Derek finnegan
Happy birthday cm punk hope you have a good one loving the new tattoos and love seeing you on raw.


Ak Niazi
happy birthday my favorite wrestler cm punk,and i am from pakistan and your biggest fan here.my wish is u should win 20 time world titles and make the record.and my second wish is to see u one time in my life. cm punk one and only best wrestler for me,and again i wish u happy happy happy happy birthday.


Nadia Duke
CM Punk I wish you a great birthday! I've always liked you since your ECW debut and I think the admiration has tripled since I found out that you are a feminist. You are also one of the most unique superstars I've seen in a long time and I love your promos, so keep doing what you're doing. Again, happy birthday!


Philip Hart Sovrlic
Man, I always loved you, always respected you for your lifestyle, your wrestling skills and because you're a great guy, and I always will. My dream is to, someday, meet you, take a pic with you lol, shake your hand and tell you how much I love you. You know, we are a lot alike. Same names, same lifestyles, wrestling means everything to us and we stand up for what we belive in.

I wanna wish you a very happy birthday and all the best in your life. As far as your career goes, since WWE was, is and forever will be my favorite company no matter what happens (even if Justin Bieber sings a national anthem at Mania ... Yeah, I know, I am one loyal, die hard WWE fan lol), I'd love for you to stay with the WWE and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. I hope that's what you want aswell.


Allure Searles
hi cm punk my name is allure searles and i want to wish you a happy birthday and i also,want to tell you that i am a big fan of yours and the straight edge society i think that your an inspiration, and a rolemodel, i think that spreading the word, about straight edge is awesome i am a true straight edge myself and i want to help other people and motivate them and show them what living a straight edge lifestyle is also i want to wish you,all,the best at bragging rights this sunday and i support you .


niloofar hayet
Happy birthday .I hope that you had a great year and be ready for a new beginning, new challenges and new titles. I really like your style and the way you show your believes .I wish you a year full of victory and succeed and a happy healthy life with a strong straight edge society.


Sheila Deeter
I just wanted to wish my favorite wrestler a very happy birthday! I hope you have a great day! By the way, I love your new look! Keep rockin Punk!


guépsinge 13
Happy birthday CM punk the best in the world !!! The Straight Edge it's very good. But I preferred your look and your wrestling of 2008.


Tori DeCotis
You are such an amazing wrestler! I love everything you do in the ring, and I stand by you 100%. I own like all of your merchandise, and i cried when you had to shave your head! Man, i miss your beautiful locks! I don't care if your a babyface or heel, I think that you *are* the WWE. One taping at the Dunkin Donut Center two years ago, I held a sign up for you that said, "CM Punk is Punkalicious". I wonder if you remember that. But overall, your are the best Punk and i wish you the best birthday ever!


Michelle Glassman
Happy Birthday CM Punk.......


I you wish a happy birthday. Since I am you I put myself in the Jujitsu. Try to find the best level and obtain world champion's belt. I you support.


jenna cooney
Happy Birthday Punk! I just wanted to wish you an awesome birthday and thank you for all the things you've done for us fans. I know so many people including myself, that have turned to straight edge because of you. I've seen so many of my friends turn to alcohol and drugs and watching you be straight edge totally turned me away from all of those things. Your dedication to wrestling has been such an inspiration to me and I just want to thank you for all the sacrifices you've made over the years for the business and your fans. Hope your birthday is totally rad.


Ross Barton

Happy Birthday Punk, from Ross, Laura, and your littlest fan Punki (named in your honor). Happy Birthday!


Nina Syahira
Happy birthday, CM Punk! Hope you have an awesome day. You're my fave superstar mainly because you're so passionate in what you do, you stay true to yourself and you're straight edge. I think you set a great example to everyone around you especially the youth today. I hope to meet you one day. Thank you for doing what you do every week.


Amie Kirk
Hey Punk, Hope you have a fantastic birthday! You're a great wrestler, and an example to those of us who are straight edge.


Dumitru Pisaniuc
Happy Birthday Punk with your birthday, wish you a lucky year (even if you claim that luck is for loosers ;DD) May this year be your best ever, wish you to succed in wwe, wish you to have also some freetime to rest from wrestling. I am very glad that in the day that i was born are people that are very talented everywhere for ex.your unbelievable mic skill. Wish you love, succes, and health most importantly. And also dont stop to listen to punk music Youre the man Punk. Best greetings from Dima a.k.a Punk head from small country Moldova


Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Punk…. Happy birthday to you!

Hi CM Punk!! I just want to wish you Happy Birthday and i wish you spend your birthday with all your friends and family.

Since i knew you in tv i thought you were an amazing wrestler and i still think in that way. Excuse me if i write something wrong, but i still learning English.

I want you know you have your biggest fan in Mexico, city and when you were here in may 6th i was so exited when i saw you for the first time ever in my life. It was the best day of my life. I hope someday meet you and talk with you. I want you know you’re my hero and thank you for be my model to follow and thank you for been and amazing and awesome wrestler.

Well i wish you the best Birthday and i know you like so much chocolate chips cookies so i send you a lot of Cookie Kisses.

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