October 26th, 2010

People talk a lot about John Cena but, without disrespect to him, Cena never got anyone I know to go sober and stay that way. You’ve inspired me to change my life for the better, Punk, and I want to thank you for that :)

Throughout your career you’ve been consistently impressive and entertaining. Your passion for wrestling really comes through and you’re a pleasure to watch. Keep up the great work, thanks for being born, and ROCK ON, PUNK :)


Robert Bridges
Happy Birthday Punk! Hope you have a great day filled with pools of Pepsi and being better than other people.

Keep up the amazing work in WWE (you're the main reason I tune in), and being a big inspiration for me (you're the one who turned me to learn more about being straight edge) and everyone else. Can't wait to see you with gold around your waist again and (hopefully) more time with the mic (your promos always make me smile, especially the "invisible mic" one from IWA:MS, which is the one that won me over for you being my favorite wrestler, along with your amazing match with Morrison on ECW where you won the ECW Title).

PS: I miss your blond hair, man. You totally rocked the blondness.


Liam Slater
You've obviously had an amazing year in the WWE and I hope you have another year that's just as good, (maybe even better on Raw). Over the last few years you've totally recaptured my faith in Wrestling. Your wrestling ability and promo skills blow me away every time you're on my screen. Also, you've shown me straight edge, and given a name to something I am and was before that. Through straight edge and you, I've also found some great music which I'd like to thank you for. anyway, happy birthday Mr. October! You're truly one of a kind!


Joe Aiello
From one Chicagoan (with an October birthday) to another, all the best for a healthy and happy year! *We actually used to run with the same people years ago* Happy Birthday.


Brandon Farkas
Happy birthday! Hopefully you do some more grand NXT commentary.


Theresa W.
Happy Birthday!! Have a great day. You are better than everyone else.


Autumn Jacobson
Happy birthday, CM Punk! I've enjoyed watching you since your ECW days, and I've enjoyed all of your phases throughout WWE. You never fail to entertain me, and I hope there's another World Title reign in your future!


Joanna and Riley
Happy Birthday to one of the most awesome wrestlers in the WWE from two of your biggest Chicago fans!


alex valles
Hey CM Punk this is your biggest fan Alex I am proudly in the straightedge society and wanted to let you know happy birthday p.s go kick some butt


Stefi Siddique
I pray that My God increase your health,wealth,wisdomand prosperity. May God reduce your worries,sorrows,problems and enemies. May your life be filled with love,strength, peace and blessings all the time. (AMEN) Happy Birthday to you


What up Punk? Big fan here sending you a bday shoutout. Keep doing what you do,man....there are plenty of us sXe out there, and whether they put it in a program or not you represent all of us bro. I named my son Jack and I plan to raise him straight man. Later.


Hey brother happy birthday man and hope u have a great birthday. I am one of your biggest fan from New York. Sincerly Robert J. Acevedo


Neil Wagner
I hope you have an outstanding birthday. You are by far my favorite wrestler and I just wanted to thank you and wish you a happy birthday. You are extremely talented and your promos are some of the best promos I have seen ever! Your quotes are excellent, your shirt designs are wonderful, and your tattoos are THE BEST tattoos I've seen yet. I love your new chest tattoo, by the way. I hope that one day I will be able to meet you, you seem like a great person. And also I went to Chicago last summer and I just wanted to say it is now my favorite city in the United States. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful, happy birthday!!!! (P.S. I'm following you on Twitter)


Abz Gardnee
Just wanna say happy birthday to my favorite wrestler. You will get that world title again someday, just believe :)


Vanessa Toupin
My name is Vanessa Toupin and i'm 18 years old from Montreal, Quebec. I'm a massive fan of yours, you've helped me so much. Without you I don't think i'd be able to go through all the problems that my family is dealing with. With drugs and Alcohol. It's hard but we're getting through it. I'd like to thank you again and have an amazing birthday! :) You're my hero.


Madison Marcus
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope all is well with you on your special day. Love seening you on TV every week! You're gorgeous. Don't change. I like you're beard.


Renato Jimmy
Hey,CM Punk,I'm a brazilian fan,my english is not so good but I will try Happy birthday to you,I wish you all of the best. You're my favorite superstar,I'm free drugs just like you but I eat meat =)


Hey Cm punk,I just wanna say happy birthday and i hope all your wishes will come true,Happy birthday from Rosie Batista.

P.S.If you can,which i doubt,Please write back..again have a awesome,rockin,straight edge,Birthday!!!!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I first saw you in person last month (12th September) at Skegness Butlins, or Old Skeggy as you called it! It was so funny when you said that “Skegnuss” was some sort of disease. You have been my mum’s favourite wrestler ever since me, mum, dad and my brother Ryan (who is also a fan) saw you at Skegness because she hates Skegness Butlins and you kept saying how much you hated Skegness Butlins too. So she says happy birthday as well!!! Did you know that when Big Show had you by the t-shirt and you tried to run, he also had your pants? You kind of showed us more than what we paid to see JJJJ Lots and lots and lots and lots of hugs and kisses your number 1 fan Kelly Outing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Gabriela Schimidt
My name is Gabriela and this email is coming all the way from Brazil to wish you the best birthday ever. I admire you not just for being an awesome wrestler, but for being my straight edge exemple. Thank you for just being the way you are. Te adoro.


You are one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. Your character may be a bit much but i certainly do adore your body, your charisma, your smirk and your smile. I would have to say your one of the best looking ever. Hope you have a great birthday and kick arse in the ring...lol


Adam Sessions
Hey Punk just wanted to wish you a happy and awesome birthday man. You are an incredibly talented individual and the fact that you have been able to touch so many peoples lives in and out of the ring is really something to be very proud of. I know you guys are on the road a lot and really sacrifice your time and health to do what you love and that never ceases to amaze me. I wish you all the best and you deserve it brother.


Grecia S.
Hi Punk!I want to wish you a wonderful birthday!I totally admire and respect you...that's why I hope life gives you another many many birthdays to celebrate


Happy Birthday CM! I hope you have a wonderful day! You have no idea how much of an inspiration you are to some people. Me being one, to be honest. I hope to someday meet you and even be in a match with you since I'm training. Well have a great day and hope to see you soon! With as much love as I can fit,


I don't know how to to express properly my admiration towards you. You are my favourite wrestler of all time, not only because you represent the Straight Edge-lifestyle, but also because of your in-ring talent and your golden mic work. You make the whole WWE a lot more interesting. You have your own, unique style and a great sense of humour. When you were the guest commentator in NXT, I couldn't stop laughing. Your inside jokes and lively conversation with Josh Matthews and Michael Cole saved the show and my day as well.

I wish you good luck and happy moments in the future.


Sundas Saddique
May All The WWE Universe Listen To You and take a pledge and become straight edge like your big fan Sundas (its my name). Hey! My mom is your very very big fan and she is so excited that you are becoming 32 and she says that you should get married soon. Hey try to listen to us. We want that you should get married before Christmas (may be next one) and please read this mail.


Hello I'm the biggest fan of you ! your the best wrestler in WWE ! I'm a straight edge addept, and i see a Happy Birthday for you . Kiss from France !! Joyeux anniversaire, CM Punk


Happy birthday. thank you for being the best wrestler alive today. I am 24 and have been a hardcore wrestling fan most of my life. I stopped watching around 2003 because I didn't enjoy the writing and it was disappointing seeing so many of my favorites leave or retire. About 6 months ago I caught one of your promos and matches on TV and you single handedly got me and my friends back into wrestling. You are already one of the best at doing a promo of all time, and I really enjoy your matches. I have so much respect for the way you worked your way up the ladder to finally being in the WWE. I also respect your straight edge lifestyle and I wish I would have had you around on tv as a role model in high school when every last one of my friends got involved in drugs except me.


Happy birthday Punk! :) I hope it's the best one you've had yet.You tweeted once that October was the best month, and that isso true! My birthday's this month as well. I'd loooove to meet you;hopefully someday I will. You're my absolute favorite wrestler. :)But anyways, have a great birthday!P.S. Your tweets are hilarious. Please don't stop being awesome.


Happy Birthday CM Punk :) Wishing that you have an AMAZING day. Love Shyra


Kayla Gentle
Happy birthday, Punk! Hope you have a good one...try not to linger on the fact that you're 1/3 dead.


Just wishing you a happy birthday! Hoping all of your hopes and dreams come true.


Déborah Bodson
I wish you all the best because you deserve it. You are the most talented and the most perfect wrestler I've ever seen in my life. You are the best and I will always support you wherever you are. Kisses from Belgium


Molly Ford
Hey punk, have an awesome birthday! I know it's gonna be awesome, so have a pepsi and relax. I wish you best luck in all the years to come, and hope you get everything you want.

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