Breaking Point: Hell’s Gate-crasher


Following suspicious calls by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long and WWE official Scott Armstrong, The Straightedge Champion secured his most crooked win to date, retaining the World Heavyweight Title against Undertaker in a Submission Match in which The Deadman never actually surrendered.

Without pinfalls, disqualifications or count-outs, passage to the World Heavyweight Title was granted only by making an opponent submit – something The Deadman has never done in his near-two decade career. The heavy match favorite, the returning Phenom sought to cull both the gold and soul of CM Punk in a single night at WWE Breaking Point.

This outcome appeared imminent when Undertaker ultimately hooked in Hell’s Gate, gripping the champion and squeezing the petty life from Punk’s tattooed body. The Straightedge Superstar’s flailing arms dwindled to a wilt and the champion used his last moment of consciousness to submit.

But mere instants after The Phenom could have his cold arm raised as the victor, GM Long arrived to overrule the referee’s initial decision, reinforce the ban on Undertaker’s potent hold and grant Punk a second chance by restarting the match.

While the WWE Universe uncharacteristically jeered the General Manager and Hell’s Gate-crasher, CM Punk sprung back into action, en route to The Straightedge Champion’s signature Anaconda Vise. A shocking Canadian coup then became apparent; Long stood watch from the stage while Armstrong, the match’s official, signaled for an abrupt ringing of the bell to end the match in Punk’s favor, despite The Deadman’s lack of legitimate submission.

Leaving mouths agape in Montreal, the tattooed titleholder quickly exited the ring beside his co-conspirator and swiftly stumbled away from The Phenom’s reach to the ramp where Punk gloated beside a stoic, expressionless Long.

Though The Deadman is a WWE figure who’s often shrouded by anomaly, the puzzling conclusion of this bout in Quebec is more so the result of another deceptive act by CM Punk to maintain his position at SmackDown’s pinnacle. This calls into question the judgments rendered by both Armstrong and Long, who confounded his loyal SmackDown supporters. Simply stunned, the WWE Universe begs for explanation, but more importantly, righteous resolution.

As countless collected souls can attest, Undertaker is the specter of vengeance in WWE. Though seemingly bamboozled at WWE Breaking Point, The Deadman does not rest, and likely will not rest until The Straightedge Superstar serves a suitably painful penance by his gloved hand.

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  1. cm punk es el mejor luchador del mundo
    ademas de ser el mas guapo es una super persona aunque en el ring sea un patan

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