Breaking Point Preview

The Straightedge Champion’s collision with The Phenom first came into being at SummerSlam. Just moments after The Straightedge Superstar had triumphed over Jeff Hardy in a brutal TLC Match to capture the World Title, his smug celebration turned into horrifying darkness in the form of the rematerializing Deadman. The frightening sound of a gong seemed to make time stand still. A collective rush of electricity ripped its way though the capacity crowd. And then, the lights went out on CM Punk. Within seconds, The Deadman appeared in the fallen Hardy’s place, raising once again and chokeslamming an instant claim onto the newly-crowned World Champion.

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  1. lets all the cm punk true fan just say a pray and hope that our baby cm punk winns and comes out of this not hurt to bad

  2. i have a lot of faith in cm punk i always have for years and i seen himin some bad and bloody fights but this is the undertaker but i just wory about cm punk and does he read this website or not i meant to say worry and cm is tough aneresourcefull and you have to be cm punk rules

  3. How do they know its Lita anyway, all the pictures are of the back of him and he has the money in the bank briefcase, so it must’ve been ages ago. Ah anyway, Lita did cheat but its weird coz, if a guy cheats no one really says much. A women cheats, its like…you whore! Bla bla. I hope whoever he goes out with…she’s a purple dreadlocked crustpunk or something cool and unique like that. Amy wouldn’t seem like the worst catch, better than some blonde haired bimbo. I think people maybe need to realise that, this is a fansite and there are girls. And most of us…fancy the bleedin pants of him and we are rather interested in who he dates though not to a stalker level but then i cant speak for everyone. People are gonna talk about that at some point, best thing to do is not to overreact and go mental. I kinda would like the space now and again to take an interest in that er area of his life, just now and again. Btw…quick question, totally unrelated but what is a ringrat exactly?

  4. we are not talking about that anymore or her anymore scott people dont wnt to here that any more we dont talk about rumors and where are these photos and they could just be friends too here we go again talking about lita i dont hink im staying on this website i am going to seea therapist because of this rumor i cant handle this anymore so please stop bringing lita up

  5. Hola CM, espero que ayas pensado en mi ofrecimiento de matrimonio, porfavor necesito que leas esto y me des por respuesta un SI porque te amo con todo mi corazon y no puedo vivir mirandote de lejos solamente, te amo, te amo y eres el hombre mas maravilloso de este mundo. Te mando muchos besos en tu hermosa boca que espero algun dia poder dartelos en persona.


  6. (to stacy)
    but please don’t because i really love this site

    (to stacy,nicole and punk is hot)
    i may have found cm punk on youtube he may have a youtube account : )

  7. well check it out please and let me know ok please11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111i dont want to leave but i cant handle and i dont want to hear aboutlita and someone named scott wants to talk about it and i dont want to talk about rumors i dont think thats fair to cm punk and its not fair to get all his fans upset because his true fans like me get really upset and i dont want to hear rumors thats why i came on this website

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