Capitol Punishment: CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio


Even without the flanking of his New Nexus rebels at Capitol Punishment, CM Punk eked out a sound victory over longtime enemy Rey Mysterio, closing the latest chapter on their storied rivalry and positioning Punk to next “do the most honest thing the WWE Universe has even seen.”

While his cryptic message begs for clarity in the wake of Capitol Punishment, the one certainty to be extracted is that – as attested by The Straight Edge Superstar’s staidness to his unique lifestyle – Punk takes personal vows most seriously. It’s a matter of time before the New Nexus leader’s actions make an indelible impact on the WWE Universe – not too dissimilar to that left on The Master of the 619 in Washington D.C., on pay-per-view.

The Ultimate Underdog, in this instance, wasn’t overwhelmed by the odds of the yellow-and-black armbanded renegades commanded by CM Punk. Banned by an authority-wielding “Stone Cold” Steve Austin prior to the pay-per-view clash, The New Nexus ranks – WWE Tag Team Champions David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty, plus the monstrous Mason Ryan – could not intervene in their savior’s favor.

The result? A definitive match between two former World Champions who’ve fought for hair, mask, family honor and much more in their intertwined pasts.

CM Punk evades Rey Mysterio’s 619 at Capitol PunishmentIn a fast-paced physical dispute between two men who are more than well versed in one another’s techniques and movesets, CM Punk snared a satisfying pinfall victory after slipping a 619 into a GTS. Digits morphed into letters and the referee’s three-count sealed The Straight Edge Superstar’s sworn impending act of honesty.

No alcohol, no drugs, no tobacco and no lies. According to the sinister CM Punk, he will outwardly differentiate himself from the politicians of Washington and his fellow Superstars whom he dubbed frauds.

Empowered by his substantial triumph on pay-per-view, Punk walks forth with obscured intentions. Honesty is typically the best policy … except when brandished by one with an ashen heart like CM Punk. What exactly is up The Second City Savior’s tape and tattoo sleeves? And when will he play his hand?

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