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The 20 coolest tattoos in WWE history #4. CM Punk | Tattoo: Skull & snake | Location: Chest


To pick only one of CM Punk’s pieces to showcase might be an exercise in futility. Practically every inch of The Best in the World’s upper body is covered with tattoos, each with its own unique story worth telling. And while Punk’s word tattoos such as “drug free” and “straight edge” seemingly attract the most attention due to his image, it’s the dangerous combo of skull and snake across his chest that’s immediately eye-catching on first glance, partially because of how fresh that ink still is.

When asked for his take on getting tattoos, The Straight Edge Superstar once told “Tattoos are like wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s about showing who you are on the inside by showing it on the outside. … Each tattoo you get should have some deep, deep meaning.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Punk.

Debbie Wiseman Feb 26, 2013

While he is no longer the WWE Champion — after falling to The Rock at Royal Rumble — that hardly lowers the elite status of CM Punk. Like him or hate him, the outspoken competitor who calls himself “The Best in the World” is — to borrow the catchphrase from Triple H — “that damn good.” (WATCH HUGE PUNK PLAYLIST)

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Debbie Wiseman Jan 30, 2013