Latest News • CM Punk Sends Well Wishes to Competitive Gamer After Tournament Loss

The CM Punk “Best in the World” DVD documentary will have a theatrical screening on Sunday, October 7th in Chicago, with Punk in attendance.
This will be the first time that WWE has shown any of their DVD productions theatrically. The documentary is nearly two hours long.

The DVD and Blu-Ray is set to be released on October 9th.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 16, 2012

For years, the WWE Universe has clamored for the return of WWE ice cream bars, made throughout the 1980s and 1990s by Good Humor. While you still won’t be able to get a frozen treat emblazoned with the visage of your favorite Superstar, we here at WWE Games are giving you the next best thing: A CM Punk Ice Cream bar t-shirt in WWE ’13!

No, it won’t cool you down on a hot summer day, but the CM Punk Ice Cream bar t-shirt will be available as an exclusive piece of in-game attire when you pre-order WWE ’13 through select retail partners. In the United States, you can get the attire by pre-ordering at GameStop, while in Canada, the in-game shirt will come with all pre-orders placed at EB Games. Both while supplies last, natch.

CM Punk's ice cream bar shirt

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Debbie Wiseman Aug 12, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk and Eve Torres filmed a “kitchen cage match” special with celebrity chef Graham Elliot. Elliot has been a judge on reality TV show MasterChef and is from Punk’s hometown Chicago, IL.

Graham Elliot posted the following photo and called the show that was taped “culinary/wrestling smackdown.” When we have details on when it will air, we will post it.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 12, 2012

Secret Skill: Saxophone
CM Punk

“I want to say I started playing in the fifth grade. I picked the saxophone because as far as rentals went it was the cheapest. I chose an alto, and it was also the wind instrument that sounded most like the human voice, which I thought was very interesting. Reading sheet music was the hardest part about it, though. If you were into punk rock in the mid-1990s, then chances are you were also into third-wave ska music. I just liked it—you could shake and dance around in a different way than you could a hardcore show. What’s not to like about that? So to make a short story even shorter, many years ago, before I started this career, I briefly played with a local band called Hot Stove Jimmy. You’ve probably never heard of them. Their sound could be categorized as Chicago jump-up ska, from that very same third-wave ska revival. I was friends with a lot of guys in the band. One day, their saxophone player moved to Denver and, as a joke, the drummer asked, ‘do you still have your trumpet?’ even though I played the sax. They told me to bring it to practice. I wound up practicing with them but never too seriously. Eventually, they told me I wasn’t that good. That was fine; I was going to be a wrestler anyway. I’m sure I’ll play again someday. I can probably play whatever, a little of this or a bit of that. I was never very good at reading sheet music, but if I can hear it I can probably figure it out. The question was posed to me, ‘If you had to name a ska band after a wrestler, what would you call it?’ The answer to that question is an easy one. Skamala, of course!”

Debbie Wiseman Aug 12, 2012

From JR’s blog:

@CMPunk vs. Rey Mysterio…excellent chemistry and a match/rivalry that I could see much more of in the future. The more time these two have the better.

Punk’s closing promo to King was entertaining and provocative. I hope that Punk gets back to more of his eye opening, shocking verbalizing style in the week’s to come.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 9, 2012