Latest News • CM Punk & Mike Todd break down the first day of the NHL Mascot Showdown

Wrestlemania is a little more than a week away and at this time you usually see the WWE champion taking a media tour, promoting the “biggest spectacle in sports entertainment.” So if that’s what the champ CM Punk was doing on Wednesday, well that’s a pretty sweet media tour.

Punk, who hails from Chicago, had the opportunity to come onto the ice and take part in the classic intermission game of shooting from center ice, sporting a red Blackhawks sweater — still the best in sports for my money — all the while.

By Brian Stubits | NHL Blogger

Fabiola   Mar 22, 2012

In honor of CM Punk’s main event match at Wrestlemania, Dimo’s Pizza is unveiling it’s CM Punk inspired Pizza. Here is the official press release:

Chicago, IL— March 22, 2012 – Dimo’s Pizza, (3463 N. Clark St.) home of Chicago’s favorite quirky pizza by-the-slice, today announced its pizza special for the week of March 26, 2012. The Anaconda Vice Pizza honors World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) professional wrestler CM Punk, who is the main event in this year’s WWE Wrestlemania, which airs April 1.

A vegan twist on the Brazilian dish feijoada, the Anaconda Vice pizza features a base of slow-cooked black beans topped with Upton’s chorizo seitan, vegan bacon bits, dairy-free cheese, chopped tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and parsley.

“What better way to celebrate CM Punk’s infamous Brazilian Ju-Jitsu submission hold than with a Brazilian-inspired pizza?” asked Celia Rose, Pizza Artist and Specials Coordinator for Dimo’s Pizza. “Like Punk himself, this pizza proves that you don’t need meat to kick ass!”

“I’ll be sharing an Anaconda Vice Pizza with my friends as soon as I get home from Wrestlemania,” stated CM Punk. “It will be my reward for serving Jericho the fat slice of humble pie he deserves.”

The Anaconda Vice special will be available by the slice March 26 – April 1, whole pizzas are also available for delivery and pick up. Also in the works for April 1, a top-secret April Fool’s pizza special.

About Dimo’s Pizza
Dimo’s Pizza believes in pizza for the people, by the people. With a focus on local ingredients, reducing our carbon footprint, and an Open Book Finance policy for employees, every Dimo’s pizza is crafted with a foodie-friendly sense of humor and sustainable sensibility.

If you are in the Chicago area, head down to Dimo’s Pizza for your slice! Thank you to Natalie for the official details.

Fabiola   Mar 22, 2012

Zack Ryder from Sky Sports:

“Chris Jericho was one of my favourites growing up and now CM Punk says he’s the best in the world. Jericho says he’s the best in the world, so we’re going to find out at WrestleMania who’s the WWE Champion and who’s the best in the world.

CM Punk right now has taken the WWE by storm. He’s the man right now and he’s definitely the deserving champion. Chris Jericho came back and wants to take that catchphrase back ‘Best In The World’ and we’re going to find out at WrestleMania who that is.”

Kevin Nash from the UK Sun:

“I’d still like to do something with CM Punk in the future. I think we’ve got a chapter that’s still open. Originally it was going to be me and Punk, but it turned out to be me and Hunter. I knew that I wasn’t allowed to go off the script in those promos. I think he had a little more leeway than I did.”

Debbie Wiseman Mar 20, 2012


The ultimate interactive WWE fan experience – WrestleMania Axxess – is coming to Miami from March 29 – April 1 at the Miami Beach Convention Center (Hall D). This is one event WWE fans of all ages will want to be part of! (WATCH)

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Debbie Wiseman Mar 16, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk lashed out against singer Chris Brown on Twitter Monday, becoming a top story and trend on Twitter, TMZ, E!Online, Mediabistro, OK! Magazine New York Daily News, and numerous other media sites worldwide as SmackDown aired live on Syfy tonight.

“I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves,” Punk tweeted out to his more than 650,000 followers on Monday before Raw SuperShow.

Brown shot back at the WWE Champion Monday in this since-deleted tweet. “@CMpunk needs more followers. He’s such a leader! Not to mention the roids hes on has made it utterly impossible for him pleasure a women.” The singer continued, “@CMpunk contact my assistant and I’ll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!”

In 2009 Brown was convicted of felony assault against singing sensation Rihanna and was recently criticized for a Twitter outburst after this year’s Grammys.

CM Punk responded Tuesday evening with a video reply to Brown “@CMPunk – This must be said.”

Brown replied minutes after Punk’s video was posted on Twitter. “@cmpunk the video u just posted was cute! It’s so funny how defensive u are,” he continued. “And the fact that I really don’t know who you are and could give a [expletive] is the funny part! I really hope this 15 minutes of fame is paying you for the long run becuz music last forever! Wrestlers come and go according to ratings!”

The Grammy Award winner was still tweeting about the situation as SuperSmackDown went live on Syfy. “I miss the real wrestlers! ( Hacksaw Jim duggan, Brett the hitman heart, coco beware, rowdy roddy piper) #Notnopunks. THE ROCK #Notnopunks.”

Before Chris Brown seemingly signed off for the night, telling his Twitter followers it was time to get “back to the music,” his hashtag #Notnopunks was the No. 1 trend on Twitter, while WWE Champion Punk entered the ring for his match against World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan on a special live SuperSmackDown.

But Brown wasn’t finished for the night. He tweeted again “Note:today will be the last day I bring @cmpunk existence up!The confrontations that people continuously bring my way are very amusing. Cuz honestly, that [expletive] is too time consuming to argue wit every person who has their own issues to deal with!”

After Punk finished his Champion vs. Champion Match while still a Twitter trending topic on SuperSmackDown, the WWE Champion tweeted once more for the night simply stating: “#aintnowomanbeater.”

Fabiola   Feb 22, 2012