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Thanks very much to Rocky for sending in this report!

Hey guys! I attended the CM Punk: Best in the World DVD Screening at the Portage Theater in Chicago last night, and it was a great time for everyone involved.

I was in line for a few hours prior with hundreds of other fans, and earlier in the day, Punk bought pizza for the loyal fans waiting in line outside the theater. Awesome stuff right there. The show was scheduled to begin at 7, with doors to the theater opening at 5:30. We proceeded inside, received our wristbands, and it was first come, first serve seating with the exception of the reserved seating for Punk’s friends/family/media in the middle of the venue. Concessions were being sold just as it was a regular show night, as well. The curtains opened as they played some WWE video packages as you would see at live shows, with trivia about Punk in between the packages. Pretty cool stuff as the crowd would roar when they showed the correct answer.
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Debbie Oct 7, 2012

Chicago, IL— October 3, 2012 – Dimo’s Pizza, (3463 N. Clark St.) announced today the return of two best-selling pizza specials just in time for WWE superstar CM Punk to release his biographical documentary, CM Punk – Best In The World, chronicling the world renowned wrestling champion’s rise to the top. The specials also help celebrate CM Punk’s birthday on October 26th. The vegan Anaconda Vice and not-at-all-vegan Go To Sleep specials will be back on the menu from October 22nd through the 28th.

The Anaconda Vice pizza features a base of slow-cooked black beans topped with Upton’s chorizo seitan, vegan bacon bits, dairy-free cheese, chopped tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and parsley. A vegan twist on the Brazilian dish feijoada, Dimo’s created this pizza to commemorate Punk’s new meatless diet.

The Go To Sleep, or G.T.S. special, features smoked turkey leg, sliced potatoes, Swiss cheese and French fried onions. This special was an especially popular delivery request for Wrestlemania earlier this year.

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Dimo’s Pizza believes in pizza for the people, by the people. With a focus on local ingredients, reducing their carbon footprint, and an Open Book Finance policy for employees, every Dimo’s pizza is crafted with a foodie-friendly sense of humor and sustainable sensibility.

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Debbie Oct 4, 2012