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CM Punk’s comments that Vince McMahon bring back the WWE ice cream bars sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy. Although the real ice cream bars were discontinued years ago, we’ve immortalized the CM Punk ice cream bar on this unique t-shirt.

Pre-order at – the shirt will be available on October 7th.

Debbie Wiseman Sep 19, 2011

WWE Superstar CM Punk has been nominated for the “Baddest Baddie” award in this year’s Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Australia. If you want to see CM Punk win and increase his chances of getting “slimed,” vote for him now at

The WWE Universe in Australia can tune in to Nickelodeon to see whether or not CM Punk gets slimed Friday, Oct. 7, at 7 p.m. local time.

Debbie Wiseman Sep 8, 2011

Jon Robinson: SummerSlam is this Sunday. What do you think of the CM Punk storyline? Does he speak for a lot of the boys in the back when he’s on the mic talking about his frustrations with the business?

Daniel Bryan: The thing with CM Punk is he just speaks his mind and he doesn’t care if anybody in the back agrees with him. He just goes out there and says what he wants to say. And if this match is anything like his Money in the Bank match, the fans are really going to get their money’s worth. SummerSlam is just going to be awesome this year.

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IGN: What’s your take on the new CM Punk storyline and how many times ROH has now been mentioned on WWE TV?

Bryan: I think it’s cool. It’s neat to hear Ring of Honor referenced. Colt Cabana referenced. People who are my friends and companies that I’ve worked for. I also think it’s really cool the way that they’ve built this story up. I mean, I’m really excited for SummerSlam because of the CM Punk vs. John Cena. A Champion vs. Champion match. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. And it’s made for such captivating television and it’s going to be a great Main Event.

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Debbie Wiseman Aug 14, 2011

CM Punk was announced as part of the roster for the new WWE video game, WWE 12. Check out the videos below:

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Debbie Wiseman Aug 14, 2011

The feud between John Cena and CM Punk took the most intriguing turn when on the June 27th edition of RAW, Punk took matters into his own hands and delivered one of the greatest worked promos, this industry has ever seen.

Since then the line between fiction and reality was truly blurred and it all came to ahead at WWE Money in the Bank when CM Punk ‘walked away’ with the WWE title. With that in mind, this month TWP looks at what’s next for CM Punk. To read the full article visit their website. I’ll be adding the scans soon!

Fabiola   Aug 10, 2011