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Well, he did say he was a “Paul Heyman guy.”

That, right from the get-go, was what WWE Champion CM Punk described himself as. “That’s right, I’m a Paul Heyman guy,” right there in the middle of the “pipe bomb” monologue (WATCH) that changed his destiny as a Superstar and foreshadowed his run as WWE Champion. Punk identified with Heyman because the mad scientist “saw something” in The Second City Saint that nobody else seemed to acknowledge. He went to bat for Punk when nobody else seemed to want to, and he helped Punk get his foot in the door of WWE, igniting the spark that eventually grew into the cult of personality wildfire that surrounds Punk today.

Debbie Sep 8, 2012


WWE Champion CM Punk says that he is “The Best in the World,” and his current title reign of 284 days adds some credence to that moniker.

Since defeating Big Show and John Cena at SummerSlam, WWE Champion CM Punk has demanded respect from the WWE Universe and his fellow Superstars. Most notably, following the victory at The Biggest Party of the Summer, The Second City Saint implored John Cena to admit that Punk is “the best.” The Cenation leader refused, and perhaps with good reason. Although the length of CM Punk’s second — and current — WWE Title reign is impressive, he is still behind Cena’s 380-day reign — his third — as WWE Champion.

Debbie Sep 2, 2012