Latest News • CM Punk Will Write Marvel’s New “Shang-Chi” One-Shot

It seems that the de facto holder of the WWE Championship and former WWE Superstar CM Punk is not done poking a stick at his previous place of business

Thursday morning, during Mattel’s WWE panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the ex-WWE Superstar reemerged with the WWE Title still in his possession, strolling into a conference room where Triple H, Hall of Famer Bret “Him Man” Hart and Rey Mysterio were answering questions.

Punk promptly began to ridicule Triple H – the very Superstar and WWE executive who recently relieved Mr. McMahon of his leadership duties as WWE Chairman on Monday Night Raw.

Punk’s mocking led to an intense verbal confrontation between Punk and Triple H. When Punk asked the subject of his scorn, “how’s life in Fantasy Land?” Triple H responded, “how’s the unemployment line?”

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Debbie Wiseman Jul 23, 2011

Jim Ross posted his thoughts on Money In The Bank in his latest blog:

CM Punk and John Cena had a scintillating main event that featured over 30 minutes of classic, old school wrestling. It took me back a generation, or so it seemed, and that match alone was worth the price of the PPV. My black hat is off to both men.

John Cena and CM Punk reminded me of why I have had a love affair with this genre since I was a boy.

It’s a match like Cena vs. Punk for the WWE Title in a red hot city that facilitated me having some of the best years of my life sitting at ringside. All the elements came together including one of the most intriguing conclusions to a PPV that I can recall in a long, long time.

Punk is the WWE champion but what does his future hold as Punk’s contract has now expired with WWE? What will Cena’s fate be now that the Chairman has been globally embarrassed? What will the fall out be on Monday Night Raw? There’s so many more questions than answers as the build to Summer Slam begins in Green Bay Monday night.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 19, 2011

Jim Ross posted his thoughts on tomorrow’s Money In The Bank PPV in his latest blog:

It is expected that CM Punk will be leaving the WWE after this Sunday’s PPV in Chicago. I see no signs that MITB and @CMPunk vs. @JohnCena won’t be Punk’s last match in WWE at least for the foreseeable future. I am extremely intrigued on how this matter will play out Sunday on what seems to be one of the most talked about PPV’s of the year. Without question, expectations for Cena vs. Punk are extraordinarily high.

It’s not often when a star leaves a company literally ‘white hot’ but Punk is a unique guy who seems to have his mind made up that Sunday is it…..for now.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 16, 2011

If there are storybook endings in WWE, then CM Punk’s is one of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

This Sunday at Money in the Bank, the controversy-culling Straight Edge Superstar’s final night in WWE will fulfill a cyclical career that began under parallel circumstances five years ago – ironically, in the same arena with his most despised adversary, John Cena.

A relatively unrecognized performer in the WWE locker room, proud Chicagoan CM Punk made his very first WWE appearance in his hometown at WrestleMania 22 toting a tommy gun and a smug smirk beneath the brim of a tilted hat. Clasping onto the side door of a 1940s streetcar, the zoot-suited soon-to-be-Superstar rode into the Allstate Arena among a small mob of “gangsters” heralding the entrance of reigning WWE Champion Cena. (PHOTOS)

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Debbie Wiseman Jul 15, 2011

In his latest blog, Jim Ross posted his thoughts on whether CM Punk will leave WWE after next weekend’s PPV:

Is CM Punk leaving WWE? I’m not involved in this matter whatsoever but from what I’ve read and what WWE has publically stated, Punk vs. Cena at the MITB PPV in Chicago, Punk’s hometown, will be CM Punk’s last, foreseeable bout in WWE….win, lose, or draw. As an outsider looking in, I’d say Punk will finish up Sunday July 17 as WWE has stated.

Debbie Wiseman Jul 9, 2011