Latest News • Marvel Gives CM Punk His First Ongoing Series with “Drax”

In his final interview before going into the WWE Hall of Fame, Bruno Sammartino spoke with Inside The Ropes. Here is what he had to say about CM Punk:

What he thinks of CM Punk as a performer: “I think his interviews for a villain…I think he’s very, very good. That’s why it surprised me that Billy Graham would say anything when he used to be a villain who would say things to put down his opponents, even myself. I think he does a very good job when he gets on the microphone, how he talks, how he says it. I took no offence at CM Punk, I know he was doing it to be a villain, that’s what he does. But I think he does a very good job when he gets on that microphone as a villain, what he says, how he talks, how he says it. As a villain I think he does a tremendous job and as a wrestler, I’ve seen him a few times and I think he’s pretty darn good. He’s not too bad at all. The only thing is I think if he was in my era, he would be a little bit too small, we had bigger built guys back then.”

Debbie Apr 7, 2013



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He’s the Best in the World, the Second City Saint, and record breaking WWE Champion. He’s CM Punk. This Sunday, Punk steps into the ring for what many may consider the real main event of WrestleMania 29 against the Undertaker. It’s plain to see that Punk is comfortable with himself and his spot in WWE, and thus, opens up and is very candid on a number of topics like his interest in MMA, the new title belt, the Streak, WWE’s direction, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Debbie Apr 6, 2013