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Punk is known for his outspoken views, which have often caused trouble backstage and got him in hot water with his bosses.

However, reflecting on a career that saw him start by wrestling in his garden as a teenager, the headliner said he wouldn’t change a thing.

Speaking to Fighting Spirit Magazine, Punk said: “For me the thing I’m most proud of — aside from being three-time heavyweight champion and winning Money In The Bank — is the fact that I started wrestling in my backyard when I was 15, and now I’m here.

“When a WWE PPV finished, I went to the backyard with my friends and we started trading blows with each other, just goofing off.

“I was CM Punk when I was rolling around with my friends in the backyard when I was 15, and now I’m CM Punk at WrestleMania XXVII fighting Randy Orton in front of 70,000 people.

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Debbie Wiseman May 17, 2011

top10trashtalkers posted the “WWE Countdown: Top 10 Trash Talkers of All Time” – watch it on

Debbie Wiseman May 13, 2011


Sins of the Ring

There are moments of glory the WWE Universe will always remember. Hogan slamming Andre. Eddie winning the WWE Championship. Then there are moments they can’t forget — the double crosses, heartbreaking betrayals and fiery assaults that remind us how dangerous a career in WWE can truly be. In this Top 25, looks back in anger at the most sinister things ever done in and out of the squared circle. Enter at your own risk.

# 07: Party Crasher

This was CM Punk at his most depraved. Disheveled, unhinged and flanked by the dead-eyed zombies in his Straight Edge Society, the soulless Superstar crashed a celebration for Rey Mysterio’s daughter on SmackDown in 2010. Knowing that Mysterio would have no choice but to stay by the side of his wife and children, Punk took his time as he slinked across the ring and warbled his way through a haunting rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. There was no physical violence here, but there didn’t need to be. Punk embarrassed Rey in front of his family — a humiliation more painful than any bare-knuckle beating.

Debbie Wiseman May 12, 2011

Ringside Collectibles will be releasing this exclusive new Mattel action figure of a masked CM Punk:

This will only be available through Ringside Collectibles. You can check out more details on their website.

Debbie Wiseman May 4, 2011

Steve Austin recently spoke with Xfinity to promote Tough Enough and mentioned CM Punk:

“I really like C.M. Punk. I think he’s one of the top workers in the ring. I love his promos. I love his style. There’s no smoke and mirrors. I like the straight-edge lifestyle stuff he does. You want to start pairing that against the beer-guzzling “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, I think you’d have an interesting feud to say the least. He would push me to the limits, I would teach that kid a thing or two, and there would be some wonderful promos going back and forth. I like him a lot.”

You can read the entire interview at this link.

Debbie Wiseman Apr 11, 2011