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The members of the MTV Newsroom are enthusiastic about a number of different entertainment avenues. Music, obviously, tops that list. Movies are right up there, of course. Sports are important, as are art galleries and theatrical performances. And then there are also a handful of us who quite enjoy professional wrestling. That’s why we couldn’t let the day go by without wishing CM Punk, one of the best performers currently working on the WWE circuit, an extremely happy birthday. The man born Phillip Brooks turns 32 years old today.

Punk is notable for a number of reasons. He doesn’t have a traditional professional wrestling look (he is obviously in good shape but would never be mistaken for a professional bodybuilder the way stars like John Cena or Triple H might) and has a totally unique character (he is straight edge, a lifestyle he actually subscribes to in real life). Despite all the piercings, tattoos and crazy hair choices, Punk has managed to ascend to the top of the heap both within the WWE (he has been a world champion four times) and among wrestling fans (he won 2009 Best Feud of the Year in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter). He has had some of the most incredible matches of the modern era, including an incredible series of matches with Samoa Joe in Ring of Honor, a pair of victories in Money in the Bank encounters and a nutty TLC match with Jeff Hardy.

Punk has often talked about his love for music (MTV News’ own Kyle Anderson actually interviewed him for a story about music in Spin magazine a few years ago), and his taste runs pretty (his entrance music is by Killswitch Engage). He also said that the first band he ever got totally obsessed over was Rancid, which is why we celebrate his birthday with a little “Ruby Soho.”

Fabiola   Oct 26, 2010

All the birthday wishes by you guys, the fans, wishing CM Punk a happy birthday can be read by reading the splash. CM Punk is celebrating his thirty-second birthday. We wish him a happy birthday! You all can leave your comments and wishes on here as well. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CM Punk!

Fabiola   Oct 26, 2010

Over the weekend, Punk debuted a new hair color, blonde. You can view the picture here. Punk went up against Kofi Kingston at a house show this past weekend. If any fans of the site attended the show, please feel free to email me pictures of his new hairstyle.

Fabiola   Oct 18, 2010

Many of you know, CM Punk’s birthday is this month, October 26th to be exact. This year, I need your help. I’m certain many of you would love to send out birthday wishes to CM Punk yourself so here is your chance. On his birthday I will launch a page that will have the birthday wishes from you guys, the fans. He will view it and read through your wishes that you choose to send him. If you want to participate please send your birthday wishes to You have until October 24th that way I can finish the project by October 26th, in time for his birthday.

Edit: When you guys send your wishes, could you please use proper grammar and punctuation. I’m getting emails that will make it hard to put everything together for me. Please, keep everything in paragraph form. Make it easier for me guys.

Fabiola   Oct 5, 2010


After the shocking return of Paul Bearer last week, The Undertaker appears to have now fully harnessed the powers of darkness. Unfortunately for CM Punk, who simply could not find a way to stop the hard-charging Phenom. With “The Father of Destruction” in his corner, The Deadman dispatched of The Straight Edge Superstar with a brutal chokeslam, followed by a lethal Tombstone. It may be a sign of things to come this Sunday, when The Phenom faces his brother, World Heavyweight Champion Kane

Fabiola   Oct 2, 2010