Latest News • CM Punk Will Write Marvel’s New “Shang-Chi” One-Shot

CM Punk made the rounds in Milwaukee yesterday to promote the Elimination Chamber PPV. Check out some of the interviews:

Video Interviews:

Audio Interviews:

ESPN Wisconsin Audio Interview

102.1 Interview

Debbie Wiseman Feb 19, 2012

thanks to Annabella for the link!

Debbie Wiseman Jan 26, 2012

Debbie Wiseman Dec 19, 2011

Debbie Wiseman Dec 14, 2011

Mick Foley is the guest on the latest edition of Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast at WWE champ CM Punk and Cliff Compton pop up in the opening minutes of the podcast with Punk discussing WWE and Twitter while Compton talks about the perks of even being on the podcast.

Debbie Wiseman Dec 4, 2011