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Debbie Wiseman Nov 18, 2015

Debbie Wiseman Nov 9, 2015

Welcome to CM Punk’s Grammar Slam, where wrestling superstar CM Punk corrects your awful grammar.

After an educational first season–which you can catch up on right here–we are excited to have our favorite fighter back on board for season two. In the debut episode, Punk tells us about something very important to hear: the differences between “here” and “hear.”

He illustrates these points by throwing the errors of his Twitter and email detractors right back in their grammatically incorrect faces. His first email of the season comes from Russ M., who either doesn’t know what hamburger meat looks like or should consult an ophthalmologist for an eye exam. Regardless, he also doesn’t seem to understand that “here” refers to a place, while “hear” refers to the perception of sound. A helpful tip, courtesy of Punk: “hear” has the word “ear” in it.

Let Grammar Slam be a lesson for the trolls: If you absolutely insist on throwing shade online, maybe you ought to steer clear of CM Punk. If you do have some trash talk that must be sent his way, make sure your grammar is on point or your imperfect prose might end up on a future episode of Grammar Slam.

Enter to win the grammar notecards used in today’s episode (and signed by CM Punk) by clicking here!

Debbie Wiseman Nov 2, 2015

Punk’s segment begins at 03:04:30

Debbie Wiseman Oct 21, 2015

UFC fighter and former WWE star CM Punk joins the show to talk about the Chicago Cubs, celebrity baseball fans, and his first UFC fight.

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Debbie Wiseman Oct 13, 2015