Latest News • CM Punk Sends Well Wishes to Competitive Gamer After Tournament Loss

After months of rehabbing a shoulder injury, CM Punk is eager to get back in the gym. Once he’s finally cleared to train again, Punk makes positive strides and learns the name of his first opponent in the UFC. He also takes a fan comic book shopping and celebrates Christmas with his wife.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 31, 2016

Debbie Wiseman Aug 30, 2016

Debbie Wiseman Aug 30, 2016

He’s long been one of the most successful professional wrestlers in the world – now he’s set to make his MMA debut at UFC 203 – and the question on everyone’s mind is, can CM Punk fight?

Debbie Wiseman Aug 29, 2016

Debbie Wiseman Aug 27, 2016