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Debbie Wiseman Aug 30, 2016

He’s long been one of the most successful professional wrestlers in the world – now he’s set to make his MMA debut at UFC 203 – and the question on everyone’s mind is, can CM Punk fight?

Debbie Wiseman Aug 29, 2016

Debbie Wiseman Aug 27, 2016

Former pro wrestler CM Punk continues his quest to become an MMA fighter. His wife reluctantly attends a sparring session to see his progress. The couple decides to move to Milwaukee to be closer to the gym, but just as everything is starting to come together for the fighter, he experiences a devastating setback.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 24, 2016

Former pro wrestler CM Punk begins his training camp for his UFC debut. His wife becomes concerned when the star faces unforeseen challenges in his new sport. Punk gets a serious test in the form of a wild sparring session at the gym.

Debbie Wiseman Aug 21, 2016