Latest News • C2E2 – April 6 & 7

Punk was featured on WWE Superstars but did not make an appearance. Click on the thumbnails to view the screen captures.

Fabiola   May 10, 2009

CM Punk looked to finish what he started last week as it was announced early in the night that Edge would defend his championship against the Straightedge Superstar himself, tonight! After a dive to the outside and a few well placed knees to the face it seemed Punk wouldn’t need his Money in the Bank after all.

However, a match that started in an exchange of blows, ended less than favourably. Unable to defeat Punk, Edge was defenseless and eventually forced from the ring. Sensing he was being out wrestled left a sour taste in the World Champions mouth, the Rated R Superstar saw his only option, he voluntarily walked away and lost via count out. By doing so he retained his title.

After being awarded the victory, CM Punk failed to realize he exposed the target on his back. With his back turned the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, attacked Punk for the second week in a row! Edge watched as Umaga laid CM Punk out with a Samoan Spike. But it would be Punk who got the last laugh as it was announced later, Umaga would be facing CM Punk at Judgement Day!

Fabiola   May 9, 2009

Chris Jericho started out the show, he let everyone know that he was taking over Smackdown. World Champion, Edge was out next, he reminded Jericho that he has never defeated John Cena something Edge had just done in a Last Man Standing match. CM Punk then came out and introduced himself, after showing off his Money In The Bank briefcase to Edge and Jericho, a clip from last year when he cashed in his Money In The Bank was shown. Jericho was quick to go on the defensive, he cut Punk off and told him no one cared and he best just leave right now.

Of course, Mr. Money In The Bank, never one to back down; stayed his ground. Jericho on the other hand announced he was sick of being disrespected and left. Once again the Straightedge Superstar tried to argue but it was Edge this time who agreed.. no one cared. The Rated R Superstar attempted to walk out as well but Punk stopped him, he let Edge know it was a new era; Vickie Guerrero is no longer Smackdown GM. Tonight the two of them would compete against each other. Edge relished the fact it would be non-title. Punk didn’t seem to care, he could cash in whenever he wanted, and tonight he was going to hit the GTS and become the NEW World Champion!

Later that night CM Punk did exactly what he said he’d do. He defeated Edge with the GTS. However, he was unable to make good on his promise. After the match Punk was about to cash in his briefcase, but before the bell was rung, Umaga came in from the crowd and laid out Punk with the Samoan Spike. Umaga then left through the crowd, leaving Edge to pick up the pieces. Edge grabbed the briefcase and was about to hit an unsuspecting Punk with it, but Jeff Hardy ran out, nailed Edge from behind and gave him the Swanton. Hardy stood over Edge as Punk grabbed the briefcase (which he never cashed in) and left.

Fabiola   May 3, 2009

Earlier this month Punk attended the First annual Epiphone Golden Gods Awards. Not only did he attend the show but he presented as well. Click on the thumbnails above to view some of the photos of that night.

Fabiola   Apr 29, 2009

After losing the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania and a singles match on Raw to CM Punk, Kane was craving retribution. And retribution is exactly what The Big Red Monster got when he decimated Punk in the center of the ring at Backlash.

His previous victories over Kane had clearly lit a fire under The Straightedge Superstar and from the opening bell he attacked The Big Red Monster with the intensity of an uncaged animal, unleashing a barrage of thunderous shots that could be heard throughout the Dunkin Donuts Center. But while Punk used his fortitude and heart to battle The Big Red Monster, he simply couldn’t overcome Kane’s size and strength advantage. In the end, a massive chokeslam sealed Mr. Money in the Bank’s fate — and the win for The Big Red Machine.

To his credit, CM Punk came to Providence with a strategy. The Straightedge Superstar targeted his opponent’s right arm, throwing dangerous kicks at Kane in an attempt to take away the 7-footer’s most effective move — the chokeslam. Yet, Punk used his educated feet one too many times. After suffering through a barrage of kicks, The Big Red Monster finally grabbed Mr. Money in the Bank with both hands and chokeslammed him to the canvas on his way to victory.

Fabiola   Apr 29, 2009