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WWE Champion CM Punk will have plenty of opportunity to earn the WWE Universe’s respect at WWE Hell in a Cell when he puts the WWE Title on the line against the undefeated Ryback on Oct. 28 as John Cena and the WWE Universe chant “Feed Me More!”

At the contract signing on the Oct. 15 edition of Raw — with Mr. McMahon and Paul Heyman looking on — Cena declared Punk would be haunted by three words in the coming weeks: “Feed me more!” Then, with the WWE Universe whipped into a frenzy, and before the ink could dry on the contract, Ryback slammed Punk’s head onto the contract table and Shell Shocked the stunned champion. With that exclamation point, Ryback has clearly drawn a line in the sand between him and his Hell in a Cell opponent. (PHOTOS)

Now, the entire WWE Universe looks ahead to Oct. 28. On that date, the most dominant WWE Champion in years will be locked inside Hell in a Cell with the most unrelenting force in WWE today. In Ryback, The Second City Saint faces an insatiable beast that has been utterly unstoppable in his rookie year. With his days of destroying locals two at a time seemingly in the distant past, Ryback has displayed his ability to hang with more established Superstars. He has plowed through Intercontinental Champion The Miz, dismantled former WWE Tag Team Champions Primo & Epico two-on-one and toppled the mighty Tensai.

Ryback has also muscled his way into Punk’s line of vision, stepping between the WWE Champion and Hall of Fame announcer Jim Ross one week, and interrupting Punk’s bout against Mr. McMahon on the Oct. 8 Raw.

But will Ryback’s path of destruction be enough to carry him through the first official title match of his career, which happens to be against the most important titleholder in the land, WWE Champion Punk? Ryback has warned that he is a shark swimming with dolphins, but will the same be true when he faces the biggest test of his young career?

Or will The Second City Saint — who has proven his resourcefulness time and time again — figure out a strategy to escape Hell in a Cell with his title reign, and life, intact? Will Punk manage to see day No. 344 as WWE Champion?

At WWE Hell in a Cell, which airs live on pay-per-view Oct. 28 at 8 ET/5 PT, the WWE Universe will find out. (HOW TO WATCH)

Debbie Oct 24, 2012

And you thought CM Punk was mad before? No, no, no, that was a warm-up, a preview, an aperitif, if you will, of the fury that’s sure to spew forth from The Second City Saint following his controversial defeat at the hands of John Cena last week on Raw. In case you’ve forgotten, The Straight Edge Superstar was pinned by the Cenation leader despite the fact that Punk had his foot on the ropes, a seemingly egregious oversight by the referee who officiated the contest. As Raw went off the air, Punk was berating the ref all the way back to the locker room on TV and (WATCH), and speculation has been running rampant as to how the WWE Champion will respond to the controversy this week.

Debbie Sep 24, 2012