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Newsday: WWE star CM Punk’s fight future could be in TV booth

CM Punk’s next move in mixed martial arts is assuredly safer than stepping inside the cage.

Punk, who made the ballyhooed move from WWE straight to UFC in 2014 , is set to turn in headlocks for a headset when he takes the microphone for the Cage Fury Fighting Championships card next month in New Jersey .

Punk with a live mic?

This is the wrestler that made “pipe bomb ” part of the WWE lexicon when he crossed his legs on stage and cut a scathing promo about the state of his career and the industry that left even insiders curious about the legitimacy of the stunt.

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CM Punk Interview With 411 Mania

411Mania recently had the chance to sit down and speak with former WWE Superstar and UFC fighter CM Punk. Punk is currently serving as the host for the American broadcast team for the competition reality Netflix series, Ultimate Beastmaster. Ultimate Beastmaster is an international, point-based athletic competition where competitors have to brave a wicked obstacle course called “The Beast.” CM Punk joins the show’s third season as part of the American broadcast team alongside former NFL player Tiki Barber. Other broadcast hosts for Season 3 include Punk’s fellow former WWE luminary, Stuart Bennett (aka Wade Barrett), for the UK broadcast team and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva for the Brazilian broadcast booth.

Punk last stepped into the Octagon at UFC 225 last June, losing a unanimous decision to Mike Jackson. He’s still keeping busy, with his new stint on Ultimate Beastmaster and starting production with a starring role in the upcoming planned remake of the classic horror film, Rabid, which is being directed by the Soska Sisters. Here’s what Punk had to say about joining Ultimate Beastmaster, his current projects and his pending future in MMA.

Jeffrey Harris: Did the Beastmaster producers contact you and ask you to become the host this season, or did you have to audition for the gig?

CM Punk: I think I was contacted, but I think I had to do a little bit of auditioning as well. It was mainly just over the phone. I just had to talk to people. I had to get on the phone with Tiki Barber and see if we had any kind of chemistry I suppose you could say. Nobody wants to work with anybody they can’t get along with. But I didn’t have to do anything like a straight audition and pretend like I was calling somebody that was running on a course or anything like that.

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