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The Straightedge Superstar carried out a one-man Straightedge intervention on the WWE Universe, attempting to show them “how to survive” by disposing of cigarettes, prescription pills, and alcohol into a metal trash can. However, his efforts came to a sudden halt when R-Truth decided to carry out an intervention of his own. After knocking Punk to the ground, the rapping Superstar emptying the contents of the trash can on top of Punk before using it to bash The Second City Saint in his rib cage.

Who will chose the correct path to survival when Team Orton faces Team Kofi at Survivor Series?

Fabiola   Nov 21, 2009

On television, World Wrestling Entertainment superstar CM Punk is an arrogant bad guy.

In reality, Phillip Brooks of Chicago is a soft-spoken person who likes to take the time out his busy wrestling schedule to reach out to children.

Brooks spent more than 90 minutes at Children’s Hospital in Lawrenceville on Friday, visiting with children and handing out gift bags that contained CM Punk action figures.

“This is my second one this week, so I try to do it as often as I can,” says Brooks about how often he gets to visit seriously ill children. Brooks and the WWE do more than 300 live shows a year around the world.

“There is no better way to spend a day off.”

Some of you requested that you would like screen captures so here you go:

Fabiola   Oct 27, 2009

Fabiola   Jun 20, 2009

Punk was in his hometown this weekend and stopped by the WGN studios. Check out the video below.

Fabiola   May 17, 2009

CM Punk appears in the new music video for the group H2O for their song “nothing to prove.” To check on the video watch below.

Fabiola   Apr 29, 2009