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I just wish to inform you guys while my updates have been lacking, that is about to change. The site has taken on another team member who will help keep updated, meeting all your needs. I wish to introduce DJ to you guys. She was running an tremendous CM Punk fansite, but is now fully dedicated to helping maintain this website. I hope with her help the site will be updated in a more timely fashion. Please welcome her.

Fabiola   Apr 8, 2011


There are some lines you just don’t cross – unless, of course, you’re CM Punk. As his WrestleMania opponent, Randy Orton, faced off with Rey Mysterio in a WrestleMania 22 rematch, The Second City Savior had unholy intentions. Just when it appeared The Viper was verging on victory, Punk appeared on the TitanTron standing outside Orton’s private bus and intimating that he was preparing to confront Orton’s wife inside.

WWE’s Apex Predator fled the ring and bolted for his bus outside, resulting in a loss by count-out. When he arrived, Orton found his wife terrified but safe. Punk then ambushed his WrestleMania foe, leaving him crumpled on the asphalt.

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Fabiola   Mar 22, 2011

I didn’t realize the navigation was wrong. Several of you emailed me that you could not access the forums because you did not know the URL by heart. Well, all is fixed. The navigation has been fixed, including the URL for the forums. Sorry guys.

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If you guys look at the website counter we are now over two million hits. I thought it would be nice to get a little message to you guys from Punk. Thanks to all the supporters of the site, most of all, showing your support for Punk throughout the years. Here is his message:

Two million! Woah! That’s a lot of views! Even if its the same five ladies, that’s still pretty cool! So to all my fans who post on the board, lurk the site, and/or hate my stinking guts: here’s to you! Thanks! Give yourselves a Barry Horowitz slap on the back! Here’s to a million more! See you all very, very, very, very, very…very, very soon. (Actually, you’ll see me..but, you get it.)

P.S. Check me out on twitter @cmpunk, where I won’t answer nobodies questions! Excitement!!

Fabiola   Nov 12, 2010

Getting into the spirit of Halloween, Colt Cabana, good friend of Punk took to his twitter page sharing a picture of a pumpkin carved by Punk himself. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image of the pumpkin. I want to wish you all a safe and Happy Halloween!

Fabiola   Oct 31, 2010