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Happy Birthday CM Punk

All the birthday wishes by you guys, the fans, wishing CM Punk a happy birthday can be read by reading the splash. CM Punk is celebrating his thirty-second birthday. We wish him a happy birthday! You all can leave your comments and wishes on here as well. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CM Punk!

CM Punk Birthday Project

Many of you know, CM Punk’s birthday is this month, October 26th to be exact. This year, I need your help. I’m certain many of you would love to send out birthday wishes to CM Punk yourself so here is your chance. On his birthday I will launch a page that will have the birthday wishes from you guys, the fans. He will view it and read through your wishes that you choose to send him. If you want to participate please send your birthday wishes to You have until October 24th that way I can finish the project by October 26th, in time for his birthday.

Edit: When you guys send your wishes, could you please use proper grammar and punctuation. I’m getting emails that will make it hard to put everything together for me. Please, keep everything in paragraph form. Make it easier for me guys.

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