CM Punk apologizes for Australia Incident

Celebrity website, TMZ released a video capturing an incident over this past weekend at a WWE house show in Australia. The comments have stirred up some controversy. CM Punk took to his twitter to apologize for his comments, read below.

I’m glad TMZ posted that video because everybody needs to be held accountable for their bullshit, me included. What I said was bullshit. I’m embarrassed. I own up to being a total douche in this situation and I offer a sincere apology to anybody I hurt with careless words.

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  1. *True or not, had reason to do so and those who admire you will always remember you fight or not … I love CM PUNK

    *Raw Today was not as magical as ever and the only reason was that today was not cmpunk may no longer worth watching the fight on Monday because it is not the same without

  2. cm punk i am very disappoint. you are such a bright guy with a quick wit, and the fact that one of the first insults that came to your above average intellect is ‘homo’ is kinda sad. i appreciate that you called yourself on it (after you were called out that is) but fuck dude.. i know its just a word and it only has the power we give it, but there are kids who see you say it now and will think of it as an insult, that cm punk thinks being gay is a bad thing. a thing to use to insult with.

  3. You should not apologise! Because how many times have WWE Superstars insulted Straight Edge?! And I don’t remeber that somebody apologised!Of course you do everything right (I mean your apology)because you are above them.Thanks for this. I have always believed in you and will continue to believe! P.S.Hope you will win on the “Money in the Bank”,I don’t wish you good luck because lucky for losers.

  4. CM–
    First off, I want to let you know that I am one of your lesbian fans. You have always struck me as an intelligent individual and you really shouldn’t have used “Homo” as an insult. If you are ever in Atlanta, I would be more than happy to show you that calling someone a “homo” is a compliment and we contribute more to society than you can ever imagine. Besides most male “homos” are huge body-builder types and I am sure members of the WWE universe are aware of that.

    I look forward to the day that “homo”, “queer”, and “gay” are not used as insults. And I also look forward to the day that there is an openly “out” gay WWE Superstar to change narrow opinions in the WWE.

    Secondly, I forgive you and I still think you are one of the best WWE Superstars. We all say things we shouldn’t when we get caught up with our emotions. Good luck on “Money in the Bank”.

  5. CM PUNK (philip), i am an australian fan of you & of the WWE but to be honest more of you because of your accomplishments & who you are with what we all know of you. I am however very disappointed because of the incident you had during the tour in my country even though it was not in my state. Although you have apologized im pretty sure your smart enough to know that your apology will not be accepted by all that were either affected & certainly offended with your remarks with both about the country aswell as the homo slur. You have completely made me lose interest in you as a professional all together & other`s as well & unfortunately its going to continue for you if you keep up the way you are however your comments on Raw about the company was absolutely brilliant. There is no point in you ever coming back to Australia again because in this great democratic country, we do not need idiotic yanks like you who think that your the absolute best & think that they can say as they please about anyone or anything negatively, your personal opinions should be kept to yourself, you obviously do not have any morals or respect

  6. CM Punk – You are brilliant. Your heel turn with the straight edge angle and Jeff Hardy was the most original since Hollywood Hogan. Your current work is outstanding and I am truely sad you are leaving the WWE.
    As for the ‘homo’ call, everyone cut Punk some slack. Things are always said in the heat of the moment and the negativity has been blown out of proportion. Accept the man’s sincere apology, move on and let CM Punk go back to being the most entertaining wrestler on the WWE roster.

  7. Everyone fucks up, nobody’s perfect. Some people let a racist or homophobic slur slip through their tongues, others sign up to TNA.

    The important thing is we see our faults and do what we can to rectify them.

  8. Hey Mr. Brooks,
    I happen to be your loyal fan from Serbia. I really think you are the current best wrestler at WWE, and the best person on that microphone. No one is even close to your level of cutting promos. You’re very talented and I hope you stay within WWE for a long time, and get that top push.
    That being said, I can lay out my opinion on the whole ‘insult’ thing. First of all I really don’t see what the big deal is. You portrait a heel (bad guy) character in a show. Every character has a fictional personality. Can you sue Megatron for blowing up your house in the Transformers movie? Can you accuse Vegeta (from Dragon Ball Z) of being racist for blowing up a whole alien planet, and making him appologize? NO! What you did on that show was simply entertainment. The whole show is a play, and breaking the 4th wall is something thats been around for years. It helps grow your character bigger and better! I personally have so much respect for you for saying what you did. Not a single person in that locker room is entertaining nowadays. You keep renweing stuff from the late 90’s when the (WWE) product was edgy and a lot more exciting than now. I believe THEY are the ones to appologize. You can’t shoot a person for acting a bad guy role? can you? So what if you called someone a homo. I see so many movies where people reffer to afroamericans as niggers, or nigga, and yet no one censors that or runs their mouth about it. I know that homosexuals are sensitive, but please..this? what the hell. Its no secret that the words homo, gay, faggot, queer etc are used as insults nowadays. Also its no secret that if one wrestler stops calling people fags that everyone around the globe is going to stop… Why dont they ban South Park then? Theres a hell of a lot more negative thought towards homosexuals there. In any case you can’t go trough life whining about everything you dont like. Whats the next step? banning bad grades in school because they make you feel sad? Gosh whats this world coming to…Life is a bitch, if you get called names, man the fuck up and live with it. Thats how you survive all the heat.

    Phillip, you are an amazing performer, and your character, CM Punk deserves a championship run. I hope Vince realizes the huge potential which you posses and lets you live to its full. You are very inspiring. I may be just some random meaningless guy in Europe, but I hope you read this message. You make me believe there’s hope for WWE, for the world, and for change. Times are rough, but you keep pouring inspiration down my troath. Keep up what you’re doing and don’t leave on me. Mucho love!

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