CM Punk Birthday Project

Many of you know, CM Punk’s birthday is this month, October 26th to be exact. This year, I need your help. I’m certain many of you would love to send out birthday wishes to CM Punk yourself so here is your chance. On his birthday I will launch a page that will have the birthday wishes from you guys, the fans. He will view it and read through your wishes that you choose to send him. If you want to participate please send your birthday wishes to You have until October 24th that way I can finish the project by October 26th, in time for his birthday.

Edit: When you guys send your wishes, could you please use proper grammar and punctuation. I’m getting emails that will make it hard to put everything together for me. Please, keep everything in paragraph form. Make it easier for me guys.

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  1. Hey, CM PUNK Hope Your Well Mate, You Need To Win BACK Your WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP, But Anyway I Wanna Say From One CM To Another HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU PUNK, Good Luck To You In The Future, Laters (CM HADD)

  2. you’re the maximum for that on 26 October each year is the most important day for me you are a super person the best of all have a heart the size of the world the day you were born was the best thing that could happened to this world aver I love you will always have our full support provided do not doubt it I hope this special day is your birthday you can have a great time and remember that I love you

  3. i think that it is a great idea i will support and help out and i will send my wishes to cm punk the straight edge savior a happy birthday i am a fan ses for ever .

  4. To those posting messages here, they won’t be included unless you email them to me at the email provided.

  5. Thanks for this, its really awesome! Just wondering though if we can attach images e.g. fan art? I imagaine it could get out of hand though… 🙂 Thanks anyway!!

  6. this is a fantastic idea and I would be more than happy to help.
    But can younger fans take part aswell?

  7. Wow CM Punk this is a huge year for you!!! It’s an honor to just know that you would be reading these birthday wishes.I just want you to know how much you’ve inspired me and my family.I’m super young at just 16 but I’m smart enough to know what’s right and what’s wrong. What you’re doing is not only right,it’s motivating and inspirational. When your birthday comes up,I hope that you will not only enjoy your day but what you’ve accomplished.My dream is to become a Marine as well as a psychiatrist!! I can go in there knowing that there are people like you who are looking out for the youth. I’ve been straightedge my whole life and you’ve assured that it’s normal to not drink,to not smoke,to not do drugs and to not engage in promiscuous sex. Where I’m from,people torture others who choose to not take part in these things, such as physically and mentally and even sexually abusing them. It’s sad,not right and completely unfair but you told them all in fact you showed them the true definition of straightedge! I now know for a fact that them who throw their lives away,end up behind bars, on the streets or even dead. I can be proud now knowing that their is someone I can look up to. And even though I was the victim of rape and physical violence and torture from my perpetrators, I can show them by standing strong. Thank You CM Punk for everything! Always been a huge fan of yours. I love you a lot for standing up for what’s right and I truly hope that you enjoy your blessed birthday! God has truly blessed you!!

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