CM Punk Breaks Down MMA Fight

The latest episode of Gracie Breakdown features CM Punk making a guest appearance to break down this past Saturday’s UFC On FX 8 fight between Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza and Chris Comozzi.

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  1. As Rome became unstable, and political, social and economic life went down the tubes for the most part, gladiatorial games became a big deal.
    They were used for public distraction, and also for political purposes—as giving the bloodthirsty and ignorant masses their share of blood and sacrifice could swing opinion in important ways towards those sponsoring the games. They actually became such a problem as far as public conditioning and political corruption went that laws were introduced to attempt to limit their ubiquity.
    And here we are now. Yeah—tough guys, and they’re showing their skills on the T.V. Let’s just take this all the way. Give them chainsaws and guns and throw a few sponsors in there, and let’s take it to its logical conclusion. To quote Bill Hicks…”Watch these pituitary retards bang their fuckin’ heads together…here you go America… watch this…go back to sleep…here’s 54 channels of it…go to sleep, America…”

    At least wrestling has a story and can overcome and deconstruct the simple and atavistic urge that the worst parts of our brain have to see and engage in conflict. In fact, things like wrestling and movies are important as catharsis so that we can metabloize those feelings positively. There’s nothing positive about the resurgence of REAL ritualized gladiatorial combat. In fact, thousands of years of recorded history across many different cultures proves that it’s a very bad sign.
    Also, there aren’t any real stories in wrestling, so that’s out too.

    Fuck it.
    “Worst Promo Ever” is a better Monday show than Raw. And Colt Cabana consistently entertains, where WWE…never does.
    Punk should start traveling with Colt. Help him build up an even bigger independent machine. Maybe a traveling federation of stars who are actually entertaining who could launch a new paradigm. Or maybe Punk’s too busy being a tough guy. Yeah—MMA is cool. The original Japanese kanji for “Bushi”, or “warrior” meant “to stop the spear”, which beyond that meant to never fight to begin with, ant the ultimate skill was to avoid it. There is a story of Gichin Funakoshi, the guy that founded modern Karate, walking down a road with several other masters. They hear that there are bandits ahead. So they take the long way around, walking several extra miles to avoid having conflict in the first place.
    Modern MMA people are for the most part disgraces to the higher precepts of martial arts. Real martial artists don’t fight, and the ultimate skill is to learn how to avoid having to ever do so.

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