CM Punk explains Twitter feud with Buffalo Bills’ Merriman

The Buffalo Bills’ Shawn Merriman is no stranger to public feuds. He has traded shots with former NFL Defensive Player of the Year Jason Taylor and sued ex-girlfriend and reality TV star Tila Tequila. Now, the three-time NFL Pro-Bowler nicknamed “Lights Out” can add former World Wrestling Entertainment Champion CM Punk to his growing list of feuds.

It all began on Saturday when Punk, a Chicago resident and Lockport, Ill. native, tweeted “Watching Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills hit on our divas and strike out. Reminds me of the Bills in the Super Bowl.” Merriman, who happened to be in Costa Rica at the same time as WWE’s Superstars and Divas, tweeted back “I was just giving you guys some hope. Look like you were struggling by the pool.”

After Punk tweeted “If you could get to a QB as fast as you ran after our divas, maybe you’d make headlines being a Pro Bowler and not a creep,” Merriman, who last made the Pro Bowl in 2007, fired back, “How about I come and deliver a nice special Lights Out (butt) woopin tonight Costa Rican Style?”

Punk proclaimed himself the victor of the Twitter feud after that. “Clearly, I have defeated you,” he tweeted. “However, You will have plenty of time to think of a better come back while you ride the bench for another entire season.” Merriman’s response? “It’s bad when I thought you worked at the hotel … I almost handed you my f’ing towel. Go do some push ups,” he tweeted. “Do me a favor (and) turn your little wrestling underwear around and give yourself a wedge.”

Although Merriman appeared at WWE’s “One Night Stand” Pay Per View in 2008 and once said in an interview that a future in wrestling was “a possibility,” the insults between Punk and Merriman seem a little too personal for this feud to be a staged wrestling storyline.

When reached by email on Monday, Punk wrote, “All I did was observe him walking around poolside, back and fourth, around in circles. I had no clue who he was, just knew that this guy was obviously trying to get noticed. When that didn’t work, he sent his publicist after the girls, which is the most lacking of testicles thing ever. That’s how we found out who he was.

“When THAT didn’t work I watched him run after them as they tried to leave. Dude clowned himself and all I did was report the facts and laugh about it. On the road, the WWE is a family. The divas are my sisters, and like any big brother, I don’t want creeps around my little sisters.”