CM Punk Featured On “Tribute To The Troops” Poster

The new edition of WWE Magazine includes a back-cover poster for the 2011 Tribute to the Troops special. The tagline reads: “The most patriotic show on TV.”

The two-hour special is scheduled to air Tuesday, December 13 at 9:00 p.m. EST on USA Network. A one-hour version not mentioned on the poster will air Saturday, Dec. 17 on NBC.

2 Comments on “CM Punk Featured On “Tribute To The Troops” Poster”

  1. The Reason I Love December Is…the Family/Friends Era & the Love and Support that We Give to Our Miltary Troops (the Ones that Cannot be with their Families and Relitives…I love U.S.A. and the Army So Much, When The Last Year’s “Tribute to the Troops” was on I Cried and Cheered when I Saw You Guys!) So What I’m Doing Now…Well I’M STILL Freakin’ Supporting The Army & the Miltary with The WWE By My Rightful Side!) December 13, I’ma Comin’ for Ya!

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