CM Punk goes to Chicago to watch the premiere of his DVD

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  1. Hi cm punk your my best wresther I have in the world . You make laugh so much I am your best the world fan I have your s tshirt. I know you the fan of walking dead fan I am the fan to lf the walking dead best show

  2. Love you CM Punk!!! You are the best in the world to me. Got to meet you at Comic Con in Columbus Ohio a few weeks ago and my son and I were able to get a pic with you. You are trully a sweet man and we do love you Punk!!! Best in the world!!!!

  3. The guy in the ticket booth is Colt Cabana.
    Also—-the DVD is great, but why isn’t there a WWE storyline tie-in with the release to capitalize on the great narrative of the movie? Is it really the best idea to have a tale of hard work and sacrifice which makes one respect CM Punk in a new way coincide with a wrestling story where Punk is a villain using really cheap heat who is cast as a coward and a whiner for demanding respect from the WWE? Also, Cena comes across as a di*k in the DVD, as well as WWE corporate, but on RAW and elsewhere, they are cast as heroes.

    Just sayin’.

  4. Hey CM Punk I wanna say that I purchased you DVD and it definately stands out from any other DVD I ‘ve watched for wrestling period. You have inspired me, “BEST IN THE WORLD” is not a cliche it is a way to think. In your own words, “Nobody can touch me.” I respect what you have done with and for this business. I have been a fan for a minute since the late 1980’s and I have seen them come and go but YOU CM PUNK Are truly “One of the BEST.” Just want to say an early Happy Birthday to you and I look foward to you beating Ryback and continuing your Championship reign and solidifying your legacy as, “The Best in the World.”

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