CM Punk has a heated exchange with WWE Raw General Manager AJ Lee

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  1. they look so perfect together even though they try to ignor the fact its still true, i can jst picture it now PUNK and AJ. it s jst punk though he is forever sending mixed emotions and feeling to everyone, but PUNK and AJ awwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. am sooo excited ortan is back RKO shweetness. i realy like punk and i also realy like cena so that match at summerslam, i wasnt realy sure if i wanted to watch it or if i even wanted it to happen, but it was cool anyway and punk won Shweeeeeeet.

  3. Wow u guys really dont c wat I appearently do c. Cm punk only tries to get along w/AJ so in return punk gets the respect he so deserves. He does NOT have “those” feelings 4 AJ the way everybody keeps saying. U people are so convince that thats wats going on u people need a wake up call.

  4. Besides, remember when he told aj that the ONLY reason y he was put in a triple- threat- match in the first place was coz when aj proposed to cm punk he said NO! U’ve heard that saying have no feary like a woman scorned? She’s just getting her revenge. But, she doesnt have to take it out on cm punk. He was on try’n 2 be blunt & honest w/aj.

  5. But, I guess if a guy who gets proposed to says NO coz thats how he really feels about her & he was just tryn to do the right thing he should be punished for it. Cm punk just wants to be treated w/respect & Aj is DISrespecting punk. God, Aj went from being a wrestler to the raw general manager overnite. I guess some people will do ANYTHING for more power.

  6. Oh & it seems like that ever since cm punk said NO to AJ’s proposal she has been putting punk & through hell. I think its time Aj show punk some respect! BTW john cena SUCKS & daniel bryan needs help just like AJ. John cena couldnt even beat punk the second time around @ summerslam. Cm punk is & will always be THE BEST IN THE WORLD! END OF STORY!

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