CM Punk Hosts “Art of Wrestling” Podcast

CM Punk, WWE Champion, hosts the 100th episode of the Art of Wrestling podcast. Punk takes over all of the duties including plugs and upcoming events. Punk sits down and has a conversation with his best bud Colt. Listen to the usual Colt and Punk hijinks as they talk about their lives.

Download and/or listen to it here:

6 Comments on “CM Punk Hosts “Art of Wrestling” Podcast”

  1. I was unable to listen to it @ the library & I dont have internet access @ home. But, Im 100% sure he was funny & Im also 100% sure he looked damn FINE! Why wouldnt he, its CM PUNK! I LOVE CM PUNK! 🙂

  2. you surely have more 100th episode of the Art of Wrestling . Your character at this time stronger than the time you passed the turning point in your life.

  3. absolutely brilliant! Punk was fantastic and so was Colt. I was so impressed I’ve actually subscribed to the podcast because I liked what Colt had to say.

  4. Argh, I can’t get it to play. I am sure that it was very interesting, though. I’ll take all the previous commenters’ word for it.

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