CM Punk injured by Brock Lesnar on Raw

CM Punk demanded an explanation from Paul Heyman on Raw, but what he got instead was a slew of injuries at the hands of Brock Lesnar.

Moments after The Straight Edge Superstar vowed retribution against Heyman for betraying him at Money in the Bank, the mad scientist summoned Lesnar to tear Punk to pieces. The Anomaly rammed Punk into the steel ring post, tossed him into the ringside barrier and capped off his assault with an F-5 onto the announce table, and according to WWE medical officials, the damage to Punk was severe.

Photos of the betrayal | Heyman hits the road

In what sounds more like an injury report from a car crash than a fistfight, medical officials have told that Punk suffered whiplash and strained ligaments in his left knee and right ankle. Punk’s ribs are also bruised, potentially broken, as a result of the attack.

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One thing that remained unbroken was the former WWE Champion’s spirit, as Punk managed to make it to his feet following Lesnar’s rampage. But whether his body matches the strength of his heart in a seemingly inevitable confrontation remains to be seen. Stay with for more on Punk’s condition.

Photos of Lesnar’s attack

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  1. That was so mean of brock to hurt punk monday night he is suck bully i hate brock & heyman they are both jerks and i hope punk fells better i have kept him in my prayers. love you punk

  2. i think that punk is gonna beat the beast I also admire his bravery.If any of you like brock get ready to watch him get destroyed

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