CM Punk injury update


After Chris Jericho brutally attacked WWE Champion CM Punk on Raw, has learned the champion suffered a contusion to the back of the head, according to WWE medical personnel. (WATCH EXCLUSIVE: PUNK AFTER THE ASSAULT)

Although The Straight Edge Superstar did not suffer any permanent injury, the full impact of the brutal assault on the champion is yet to be seen.

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6 Comments on “CM Punk injury update”

  1. I hope that you get will punk šŸ˜€
    and you should know that you are the best in the world and jericho is just a wanna be so don’t listen to him <3 <3
    you are the best of all time and i love you šŸ˜€
    keep up the g^_^D work

  2. I have to admit to being very very worried about this, purely selfish reasons. It was my birthday late February and my best friend surprised me with tickets for Monday Night Raw in London UK. I’m going to the Wrestlemania tour but I knew Punk wouldn’t be going to Cardiff and in Cardiff I am taking my nephew. My friend was sick of me whinging, so she paid a decent price for tickets on the floor…I am excited but something in my guts tells me maybe Punk won’t come over now. If this is the case, Jericho had better NOT go anywhere near me because what I may be forced to do in anger may not be pretty…rearranging certain parts of his anatomy may be called for…oh but he hasn’t any of those has he?
    But no, seriously,Punk if you are reading this, I hope you are well.

  3. I am worried to that he won’t come to the European tour. First of all, I hope he his getting better now. Secondly, I bought the ticket for the show in Milan just to see him. And if he should not be there due to this injury, then yes, I agreed with Amanda, Jericho should stay safely at home, because otherwise he is going to face a big riot against him from all

  4. Im glad it wasnt anything permanent. Get well soon man. We all were really worried about you. It just sucks to know you got hurt because of a guy who is pisses at the fact you beat him. Even on his twitter he posted “the better man won tonight”. but then he goes and smashes a bottle on your head. like wtf!!! dont worry about it. all you need to know is your THE BEST IN THE WORLD and that we love you!!!!!

  5. OMG!!!!!! i hope u ok champ my heart with u hero we love u and me my familly and all my friends pray for u hero…jerico is a criminal and he will get what he deserves very soon.

  6. Hey Cm Punk I miss you on wrestlemania and i hope you are feeling better my prays are on you. Punk don’t study that stupid Chris Jericho because he can’t stand that you are better than him and that you are the best in the world!!!:) You rock Punk and i love you sooooo much and you’re real hot šŸ™‚ Take your time and recover, lol

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