CM Punk Interview with 98KUPD

thanks to Annabella for the link!

5 Comments on “CM Punk Interview with 98KUPD”

  1. Great interview! I couldn’t stop laughing….love you Punk! You definitely are the best in the world.

  2. being stuck in the UK we don’t get any decent interviews. This was brilliant, I have laughed like a crazed person, really really enjoyed it. What a personality, wouldn’t mind being stuck somewhere with you to laugh at things we should not laugh at!! brilliant! And thanks for the link

  3. Awesome upload, but hated the damn hosts who, for some reason, decided to talk over Cm Punk whenever he started to share a personal story, like what the eff ? I would love to hear another like this, minus the hosts interjecting every second with an unintelligent quip of humour.

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