CM Punk Interview With WFMY

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  1. Good to know you heal fast. I actually have been worried after your mid air trans-arena flight at Extreme Rules. I think you made mention of feeling like you were hit by a bus. But you looked like a nuclear missile, so I am fairly sure Jericho was in worse shape. Good interview here. you are an entertainer!

  2. I saw your match last night. Instead of taking care of yourself with a trainer, you got on twitter and apologized to fans and friends about an opinion. Not about your opinion exactly but your delivery to certain people. You’re a good man Punk. I am sure your family is proud of the man you are. I am simply one fan who thinks “you are the best wrestler”in her lifetime so far, including her uncle. Thanks for entertaining us.

  3. Brilliant interview as ever, you never hear about any of the others doing stuff like this. No they go to Punk. Says a lot about you.
    I totally respected your opinion on Twitter BTW, you should be able to say what you feel but unfortunately this world is full of idiots a lot of whom follow you. So you apologised for a reaction but you are a passionate man and that came across.

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