CM Punk: Laser Taginator

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  1. if you left to go to the actual UFC good going.. Seems like the wwe is making the same mistake when they made the XFL… They told everyone its football like the NFL but it wasn’t… Now the wwe is trying to be UFC….which their not…yet anyways. But sending washed up ex champions to fight amateurs in WWE to gain an ego boost seems to be the new thing.. Dana White should sue for plagiarism.. But I understand him not caring… Just like the NFL didn’t care… Its a cheap ripoff of his UFC.. And its just going to embarrass the WWE in the end. Not to mention losing a lifelong fan of pro wrestling… Like they did Tonight…CM Punk will NEVER wrestle in WWE again…cool…because I will NEVER watch it again unless through a 3rd party I’ve heard they’ve pulled their heads out of their butts. You left right when the company officially sacrificed their identity and turned their main industry into a cheap ripoff.. BRILLIANT!

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