CM Punk meets Hunter of Make-A-Wish

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6 Comments on “CM Punk meets Hunter of Make-A-Wish”

  1. I can NOT stress this enough by saying this, my heart just melted when I first saw these pics on punk’s tumblr page. How sweet & adorable do they look. I fell more inlove w/punk after this. I can only imagine how happy & excited hunter was to meet cm punk. And I dont blame him. Nobody can take away how this kid felt meeting punk for the 1st time. Its so cute to c cm punk w/little kids. Its ADORABLE! :)!

  2. Though CM Punk is almost always cute, it is always nice to see him with a young fan. He seems so good with kids.

  3. with all do respect silver wat do u mean cm punk is almost always cute? Yeah he’s wonderful with kids but, almost always cute?! Come on cm punk is ALWAYS so cute. Im just sayin.

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